When Being Dehydrated Gets You Exposed

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i’m all for going after what you want.
hell you can’t achieve anything in life if you don’t.
the problem is when you don’t take “no” from straight wolves.
now sometimes,
you can slide up the dms of “straight” wolf and get lucky.
you know this.
i know this.
the following story is the “jackal and hyena” problem.
check this facebook video from tarion caldwell.
he is in the picture ^above.
he is a straight wolf who decided to expose a married jackal…

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i feel him tho.
is that wrong?

when i first started blogging,
this one pineapple kept blowing up my shit.
he dropped his facebook and i definitely wasn’t interested.
i told him that.
well that didn’t work.
he kept sending me emails still trying to get my attention.
like my pineapple…
can i help you?
the exit is thatta way ———>
how many times i gotta say i’m not interested?
i finally had to block the pineapple.

there is nothing cute or sexy about being dehydrated.

dehydrated (v): way beyond thirsty.
can’t take no for an answer
will follow someone around the club after being rejected

as much as you see these half naked wolves on social media,
some might be genuinely straight and not interested.
its okay.
have some standards.
there are plenty of other wolves running in the forest.
blowing up his inbox,
being nasty and vulgar,
is not even the best of looks.
i know i don’t have to tell ya’ll this though.
my squad is classy.
as for tarion and his video

Was he wrong in exposing that married jackal?

lowkey: thanks to the f-bi who sent me the video.
i guess tarion said “enough is enough”.

video taken: facebook

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

52 thoughts on “When Being Dehydrated Gets You Exposed”

  1. Why didn’t he just block the guy and keep it moving? I’m not a fan of people exposing others because you never know what kind of effect it can have on the person being exposed.

        1. ^i just hope he isn’t the type to be messing around on the low.
          one of the foxhole brought up a good point on why not block the jackal?
          did he do this for hits?
          should the f-bi do some sniffing?

    1. ^ Ikr he really isn’t. I thought the same thing lol. He isn’t the first person to get harassed by a married man. He needs to chill. You notice he was responding to the messages too? Newsflash: BLOCK him when he sends the first message. That’s what I do when I get harassed online. Stop entertaining these thirst buckets! That just makes you look thirsty too!

      1. That’s what I’m saying! He even responded to him, so he was entertaining the bs at some point. His fault, his problem, and now he’s outing him? The high school mentality is real! If he’s planning on being some sort of entertainer, hell if he just becomes IG “famous” then he really needs to learn to know better, because we don’t see every male celebrity proclaiming their “straightness” on social media and outing people, and you KNOW Trey Songz is getting hit up by millions of gay/bi men hell even “straight” men LOL. So if they can handle themselves, there’s no excuse for this nobody!

        The karma will come back at him heavy if he keeps playing this game! It always does!

  2. I’m a fan of EXPOSING niggas! If we as gay men have to be subjected to daily criticism and judgement, then MARRIED niggas trying to suck dick on the low NEED to be exposed! What if that was my mother’s husband, or my sister’s husband? SMH I ain’t with the bullshit!

      1. Str8 women do this also with gay men they be sending gay men nude pics of themselves to the gay men thinking that they body Can change a gay man to a str8 men but those gay men be blocking those women

  3. It’s EXTRA to me and you’re not getting anything out of it by exposing them.

    Block and keep it moving. I’m side eyeing you because you didn’t block him after the first message. Seems like the logical solution rather than just ignoring them.

    People can be self righteous as they want saying they’re doing it to expose DL men and all that, but everyone has skeletons in their closets and karma is real.

    1. I would WANT someone to expose my mother’s/sister’s man if he was on the DL, so I’m not here for being hush-hush about dick sucking perpetrators

      1. You don’t know anything about someone else’s marriage or relationship.

        Only someone who craves drama or attention would make themselves the moral authority and decide to expose someone instead of just blocking them.

        No better than that gay dude that records the guys he messes with and exposing them. The same thing actually.

      1. If it’s fam or friends do what you must, you have a relationship with the person and they are likely to be more receptive to you.

        Don’t be the stranger calling, texting, emailing some woman that doesn’t know you at all trying to be the moral authority like you yourself don’t have skeletons.

        You’re inserting yourself into drama in my opinion.

        I can’t comprehend why this man would make a whole video about some gay shit when he’s straight. His account can actually be reported for that.

      2. How would you really know who’s spreading diseases?

        People (especially gays) slander people with the spreading HIV thing allllll the time.

        Sounds like gossip unless you’ve seen results in black and white. Hearing from someone else who’s probably sleeping with other people too is not proof.

  4. Hey jamari hope your doing well I’m just catching up on your entries and boy you are on the roll I just had to comment on this entry I’m kind on the fence about the guy exposing the married downlow man because though I understand his frustrations as a hetrosexual man who doesn’t want homosexual attention he claims to be a man of “standard” but however is he really? Because to me it came off as borderline attention seeking and needing validation and what kills me is his verbiage what grown man says pee-pee lol! It struck me as odd but I understand that he was upset but why black always have to make a point of feeling so traumatized by homosexual advances but I can’t say if this is the case but this be a lesson to all gay men stop worshipping straight men because they don’t want you like he said stay in your lane!

    1. 👏👏👏
      Thank you. He’s the typical attentionisto, probably why jackals blowing up his dms. If this jackal is really married and cheating, I don’t feel bad for him. I still don’t agree with the way this wolf exposed him VIRALLY for likes though. 😕

    2. I just went to his page and realized he was some local comedian.

      This was not some noble cause to protect women. He wanted exposure.

      Now what wife would want to find out like that?

  5. I don’t agree with this for several reasons.Publicly outing this man is also outing and humiliating his family,his wife and kids.Secondly several men committed suicide after the Ashley Madison email hacking.I wouldn’t want that on my conscience if this man took his life.Lastly this has nothing to do with this man being unfaithful to his wife.I guarantee if this MARRIED man hadn’t asked for oral sex or hit on this guy but simply said he was a freak who liked to watch couples have sex and would pay $$.There would be no issue,there would be no video.So stop pretending like he is outraged this MARRIED man is doing this to his wife.Because if this MARRIED guy was paying women to put his penis in their mouths.This guy wouldn’t expose shit,he wouldn’t give a damn about this man’s wife.

    1. I am with you YC. He’s preaching about “stay in your lane” well, why not stay in yours? I also agree with JAY in what he said about being the “moral police”, it’s not your lane, nor your business, if you can block him, no harm ,no foul.

      Outing people only makes YOU look more suspect! This guy isn’t trying to do the right thing, he’s trying to just put himself out there.

      Don’t get involved in other people’s drama! I ill never associate with anyone who does things like this, I would never be able to trust them. It’s a major red flag. He only made himself look bad, and accomlished very little. Not worth the effort of exposing him imo.

    2. Absolutely Colette you hit the nail on the head now don’t get it twisted I’m all for people setting their standards or boundaries but the way he handled it was totally unnecessary and uncalled for black folks love attention OK let’s be real and hetrosexual men are always looking for validation and black men are the worst so that’s why I’m lil a side-eyed about the whole thing and hetrosexual black folks love to use morality as a scapegoat for everything instead of just being real about it they are gossed out by homosexual men period stop the bullshit and just the mere fact he said he loves gay people the way that God would love them told me right there that he is dishonest and disingenuous. He thinks he’s special but this what gay men get for putting men like this on a pedestal.

  6. I ain’t gone front, he seems cool and he’s funny as hell. I’d definitely hang out with him and his accent lol.

    However, I am with Jay, all of this was not worth it. All he had to do was block him. The problem would have been solved. I do think he only exposed him because he is married, which is something he did not know when the dude first hit him up.

  7. I know who could get this dude if he wanted him. Where is Pierre? Lol. Drop those thousands on him boi lol. He’ll go from straight up and down to straight to the bank asking for deposit slips. LMAO

    1. ^this. lol I feel like it would peobably happen too, he would immediately change his tune and try to be all hush-hush about I bet.

    2. The Man & Derek,

      I was reading the entry and thought to myself, “Maybe I should prove this dude is a fraud.” Lol. Then I thought better of it, because I’m in the business of not trying to cultivate negative karma. And I would have to expose him to make it mean something.

      Not trying to brag, but I’m like 80% sure that he would be the type of dude who would be asking to be flown to me or me fly to him before week’s end. Just a hunch, though.

      Also, he’s cute in the sense that he’s so ugly that he’s actually cute, if that makes sense?

      Let’s be real here. His pictures and body language scream “curious.” The only reason he exposed the married dude is because of how unattractive the married dude is.

      1. I’ve actually wondered about this dude when I’ve seen his videos and I’m usually the last one to call someone suspect. Lol

  8. Jamari first and foremost I am a huge fan of your blog and visit this site all the time. You’re awesome and I hope you keep your spirit up with your personal aspirations because you get some of us through the day.

    Now I will say this as far as this one person who made a comment about being “A fan of exposing niggas because “we” are subjected to daily judgement and criticism” SHAME ON YOU!

    Sounds to me like a feminine gay man who cannot conceal his obvious homosexuality so he hates on the DL brothers because they fit in and mold with the rest of society so anytime there is a chance to expose someone they jump at it so people can put them in the same boat. people are DL based on their own personal circumstances so that’s nothing to rejoice and it’s so disgusting and heartbreaking to hear another gay men say something like that. It’s bitter, petty and sad and should never be done.

    Of course this “straight” guy exposed a gay man, how shocking. He was tired of people saying he himself was gay or DL so he exposes this idiot in order to prove his masculinity to the world. FOH!

    Just wanted to give my two cents this is my first time commenting just had to get it out! Thank you Jamari and much love!

  9. I saw this story the other day on my Facebook feed. In fact a good friend called me today to ask me had I heard about it. I was wondering was it going to be covered in the Foxhole and here it is. I used to follow this dude on Instagram and he already broached this subject on his IG about dudes hitting him up. It screamed of thirst to me and borderline homophobic and he is not funny like he think he is and I unfollowed and now here he is again. I can bet my last dollar that this is for attention and boy did he get it, everybody is talking about this.

    From day one with this dude his whole persona screamed DL to me even before I unfollowed him and started hearing some of his gay jokes on IG. This whole tirade especially the part about he was a real man screamed insecure future power bottom. He is a Kappa, I wonder does he expose his Frat Brothers on the low, and I know some of them have tried to hit on him, it is not many of us in this life who has not dated or at least had a Kappa try to get at us.

    This whole exposure he did gave me Messy Ass Attention Queen, as so many have stated and I agree, just block the dude and keep it moving, if he is not in your face in real life why are you so worried and concerned, and he steps to you in real life, handle up like the real man you say you are. Dont be fooled this dude. This is probably the best he has ever looked in life, and that is more because of his body and not that ugly cartoon character looking mug he was born with, so he is enjoying anybody who pays his mudduck looking ass some attention. These dudes who stay shirtless and posting 100’s of pics a day, kill me when their little feelings are hurt that a dude hit them up. I agree the dude who was trying to get with him is beyond thirsty when it is so many more attractive dudes who he could have stalked. At best, the dude could have just been a typical little Punk who is just looking for some Penis, and he lied and said he was married or had a girlfriend, dudes do it all the time to make str8 dudes feel more comfortable about messing around. It is not going to be funny when he gets exposed some kind of way and I am sure it is just a matter of time.

  10. No sympathy, its the married dudes fault. Too many times in this community avg dudes like this are straight up worshipped, even when they make it known they’re homophobic as hell. Nah gay dudes gotta find more pride.

  11. Tbh i dunno but i googled dude an he talks about how he liked his booty ate 😕😕😕 take it for wat u like i dunno ijs….

  12. U kno wat i just thought about something!!!! Think about guys weather dl married fox jackel etc. We all are familiar with this life style how many married men have hit us up put everything on the line an told us. They were married jys to have sex a couple right but in my experience they always have a faceless profile dont wanna sho a pic or rather meet in public y? They have a lot to loose an even bein around other gays they still risk being exposed so tell me why this married dude would come on to a straight dude so openly dehydration or not if…..his wife wasnt ok with it i mean think about it its some couples. Out there who do this dude wife gotta b down with the whole set up

    1. He should of hired an escort or masseur if he wanted that type of deal. I don’t feel sorry for him even if he kills himself oh well. Sorry, that’s harassment to coerce sex down someone’s throat. He did it to himself and he involved a women in addition not living his life truthfully. I hate grown men like this who I have encountered time to time telling them to live there life for god sake. It’s ok to be gay!

  13. I’m all for Tarion exposing this pineapple and for some of you bitches who kept saying he should had blocked him. I got some news for you, blocking doesn’t always work cause let me tell you from my own personal experience I had this white guy stalking my account and leaving me messages non-stop until I block him, but guess what? This dehydrated bitch made multiple accounts until I was force to finally reply to one of his messages to tell him to leave me alone. And guess what this son of bitch wanted to know why I wasn’t interested and tried to convince me that I should at least try to be with him. HELL NO!!! So I deleted my account.

    So I’m all for Tarion exposing this fool because that was his only option, that o deleting his account. Some gay men don’t accept the word “no” and they go waaay too far. No joke but mental illness is alive and well in the gay community.

    1. There are women who won’t accept no but if a married woman who this guy didnt find attractive kept stalking him ,would he expose her? Hell no.I have gay friends who get sexually harrassed by married women on IG every damn day yet they don’t post their DMs

    2. and it’s far from just a gay thing. Black men (straight) harass women all the time with the same “not accept the word no” mentality. I hear it all the time.Men do it to other men or women, and women do it to other men or women. It’s just thirst. Thirst spans all races and genders and cultures lol.

      I’m really not privy to social media anymore, but isn’t there an option to only accept people you know on fb and IG? They shouldn’t be allowed to msg you if you don’t have them added. If some creepy ass thirsty person could still get to me without me adding them, I’d be happy to delete my profile, I’m not having that.

      I don’t have time to play games with other people’s lives, nor do I have time for people trying to play with mine. I don’t play that. Exposing IMO is still a no-go, just because there are always better and more mature options of handling the situation.

      1. Depends I think when FB started the default settings were anyone could message you, friend or not. Now you have the option of allowing DMs from public, just friends or no DMs.

  14. Tbh married DL men do this ALL the time. They hit you up with no pictures and pretty much harass you to come and see them when their wives are away. He ain’t special so he needs to pause real quick. Idc for neither parties HOWEVER, this dude was responding to the married man’s messages rather than blocking him asap and that screams attention-whore to me. After all, he is trying to get popular online so I won’t be surprised. Do you know how many dudes hmu with “hi/yo/sup” or send nudes after I ignore them the first time online? I stopped counting long time ago. Block them!

    Regardless of this “stay in your lane” BS, you cannot control what other people do or say to you online. Trust me I’ve tried. Ain’t nobody gonna listen to you on the damn internet LOL. It’s not that deep just block them and keep it moving. He came across as very insecure in that video. Saying “I’m a man” won’t stop a thirst-bucket from sliding in your DM’s, just like saying “no fems/fats” won’t stop the thirsty fems and fats from hitting you up. IMO it seemed as if he had more of an issue with a man propositioning him rather than the fact that the guy was married. And heterosexual men harass women in person ALL the time, even lesbians! Knowing damn well that they aren’t into men. So this dude is crying because he had some horndog in his inbox on a damn social networking site? LOL you gotta have thicker skin if you want to be famous *bruh*

    As I said I’m on nobody’s side. I’m not an advocate for cheating on your wives/partners. I just think that this guy is extra that’s all. Exposing him won’t put a stop to DL men, they’ll just find other men to creep with.

  15. Everything about this was unecessary. The phrase “Everything that is done in the dark will come to light” connotates it will happen in a natural way. If he really cared about truth and deemed it necessary to do the right thing he wouldve have gone to the wife personally not making a video and putting it on social media so everyone can know he’s not gay. Because like it was stated before he couldve easily blocked the man and kept it moving. Why do straight men always have to make these arrogant showings of masculinity? Just be great and be you. And dont get me started on the “I love gay people cause God would want me too, I have gay people in my family…” side. eye.

  16. The whole display was messy to me. The truth is he could have blocked the dude and moved on. I’m not saying the married guy was right because he’s definitely foul as hell. At the end of the day I don’t believe this attentionisto did this to protect the sanctity of marriage he did it for his own amusement. He’s like that person we all know who gets off on “reading” people and “telling them about themselves” but hides behind the guide of being “straight shooter” or “keeping it real”.

    There are so many holes and unanswered questions in this story that it’s impossible to take this dude seriously. Like how much contact does this dude consider harrassment? Was it like a one or two message exchange that he was just offended by? Does his outrage over infidelity extend to just men on the dl or does he blow the whistle whenever he sees a man stepping out on a woman?

    I can name countless times I’ve been sitting in the barbers chair hearing the brothers chuckling about their side chick’s or sexy vixen single mom that one of the barbers is smashing behind his wife’s back. I wonder if dude would tell one of them to stay in their lane and post a video?

    If you’re gonna take the moral high ground on an issue then take it in all similar situations.

    1. +100 Trey

      And the answer is NO. He wouldn’t go thru all this pomp and circumstance to expose a man cheating with a side chic. Those men contract STDs and oral herpes from THOTS then take it home to wifey. I hope karma exposes his funny face ass someday.

  17. hmm this is the same dude that was on Instagram the other day talking about how a girl wanted to eat his ‘bootie hole’ and he enjoyed it so much. It was so freakish to him he said. Seems like he is on a Instagram trip to get a lot of followers. There are other ways to put this guy down including warning him if he does again he will expose him. For him to out the guy on account of the guy so called trolling him is baseless and frankly he has motives.

  18. All he had to do was block him. I’m gay and I block dudes like that all the time! And what did he mean when he said “I’m a man” as if being gay doesn’t qualify you to be as much as a “man” as he is…? Granted, the message was disrespectful. But like I said, all he had to do was press the BLOCK button.

  19. I cant agree with this and it is very too much. S/n is this the same dude with a video floating around tumblr on how he loves to get his booty ate?

  20. Sorry, but this was some shht only a attention seeking sissy would do. He don’t give two funks about that man’s wife or “protecting” women. I hope karma is a big black bitch in a mach truck.

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