Wait……Is This Kerry Rhodes?!

1409610382-1i just saw these two pictures roll up on my tumblr.
i was like:

“wait…. is this kerry rhodes?!”

…so of course,
i went to his twitter and found out yes it was him….

oh my god….

tumblr_m41z3cJfTW1r6gu3oo2_1280lowkey: i want him.
kerry is a crush.
been a crush since he was on the jets.
bad enough he was at fashion week looking like a bag of money.

i want dat dih” *kendrick lamar voice*

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Wait……Is This Kerry Rhodes?!”

  1. This dont make no damn sense Jamari, your ass is showing out, between Terron, Marquez, Meat 307 and now Kerry Rhodes, all I can say is DAMN, you have come down with a bad case of Chocolate Spring Fever. Please warn me if you are going to do updated photo’s on Victor Cruz, Braylon Edwards, and Devin on any upcoming post because I need to get my blood pressure medication refilled. These post are on the money. Wouldnt it be lovely, if Kerry was one of the rumored players coming out, oh well let me stop tripping, Im sure all these dudes are going to be white and new players. Sad to say but Black players will face career suicide.

  2. Damn… This is why I love men….. Physique just turns me on…. #Sidenote: U know he was freeballin in the red shorts lol

    1. “#Sidenote: U know he was freeballin in the red shorts lol”

      YES! I have always liked Kerry…I wish he’d come back to NY!!

  3. Yea Kerry can get the biz. I wonder if he still hangs with that short lil dude? I swear they were doing more than kickin it.

    1. Who is the Guy with Kerry in the MTO pics today? Surprisingly the comments aren’t all negative from the usuallly homophobic posters on MTO regarding the pics.

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