Vernon Davis and John Wall Show Us What “Baller Wolf Body” Is!

johnvernondamnyou didn’t think i forgot two other baller woves in the body issue?
nfl vernon davis who plays for the san 49ers with colin.
nba john wall who play for the washington wizards.
i think drive in video meat would be much better,
don’t you think?…

Draft_Lottery_Basketball_09aeajohn wall

What do you like about your body?
JW: I think my best feature are my abs. They’re cut up. Last year, when I was injured, I got overweight and I didn’t like myself because I had a big belly, and that’s not what I want to be. I like to stay in shape, and I like to be fit even when I’m not playing. So I’ve been doing a lot of sit-ups and conditioning to make sure my abs are there. Crunches are my go-to. I do 100 crunches in the morning and at night to get myself going and get my body moving.

Have you ever felt self-conscious about your body?
JW: I was always small and skinny, like a stick figure, so I wondered when I was going to grow. I was like 5’7″ in 10th grade. And then one summer, I just started to grow. But nobody ever pushed me around. I never let that happen. I think basketball harnessed and built my toughness and competitiveness. I grew up in a tough neighborhood, and you were either going to cry and moan about it or get tough. I never complained, I just kept fighting, and I let it be known the day I moved to my neighborhood that I wasn’t going to be pushed around. I was 7 or 8 playing with the 13- and 14-year-olds, and I went out and played and left my statement there. Everyone knew I was good enough and I wasn’t going to back down.

dvv1Te9john went nearly full monty for us in that video.
not bad.
john looks too innocent for me tho.
i like em with a little more edge
that leads too…

tumblr_mooedzldLX1s322dbo1_500vernon davis

What do you like about your body?
VD: I like my hamstrings, the musculature of my hamstrings. When I look at my hamstrings, I see speed, because that’s where the fast-twitch muscles are. I like that my body represents the amount of work I’m putting in.

Do you think you’re obsessed with your body?
VD: Obsessed, no, but I love my body. I think I have a great body. I’m in tune with my body. Your body is your temple — it’s a beautiful thing, man.

 What’s the biggest challenge you face with your body?
VD: Since my body fat is so low, I stretch like three times a day. A lot of guys can just come out and run and work out, but I have to stretch in order to run. I think I’m at like 3 percent body fat, so my body can get real tight. Before and after workouts, I’m stretching.

oh yes.
i like that.
what is that thing called that is at the top of your ass,
the part where your cheeks curve?
(start video at :47)
well whatever that thing is called,
vernon has it and…

LF9kqread john wall full interview: espn
read vernon davis full interview: espn
the espn body issue hits stores friday.
photo credit: espn.
new shots:

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8 thoughts on “Vernon Davis and John Wall Show Us What “Baller Wolf Body” Is!

  1. Damn those bubbles ruined shit. I at least wanted to see it.

    Vernon can do no wrong, but he looks better with some hair on his head. Should have kept those dreads.

  2. I have always been in love with Vernon Davis and that body of his. His ass is almost too much for his uniform pants to hold ! And John Wall has grown into a cutie pie man boy!!!

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