trey songz is out here ruining racist’s lunches and lives

ya’ll know i love me some tremaine aka trey songz.
even tho he went and had a cub on me,
i still rocks heavy with him.
tremaine is really chill these days.
he is out here feeding the poor and highlight black lives on his ig.
in a recent ig post,
he blasted a former 76ers dancing captain and coach for her racist behavior.
her name is annie weiss and she was a whole demon to a black vixen who danced under her.
her name is yahné coleman:


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💕💕 @prettylittlething #PLT

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this is the racist hyena’s tape

as soon as annie got blasted,
she contacted tremaine in his dms with the quickness:

i love this song!

i love a take down of a rabid animal.
it really turns me on.
tremaine is out here doing the Lord’s work and my drawz are soaked.
it shook her so bad,
annie came out with an ig press release:


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yahne also responded as well:


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First of all Thank you @treysongz , @hollywoodunlocked and you amazing people that’s showing me support. I was scared to release this because I was bullied and racially targeted by my 76ers NBA teammates and former Teammates. I went to my coach Dayna Haftez and the Sixers organization crying out for help so many times. I sent the video above of me being racially profiled, bullied and threatened to my coach Dayna Haftez, Lara Price the 76ers Senior Vice President of Business and HR seeking help and nothing was done. They would move my things into the bathroom stall for me to get ready for games. They would make fun of my pictures in a group chat, talking about my black features and send me videos threatening my safety. I did not want them to run me away from a dream I always wanted to accomplish so I tried my hardest to remain strong through it all. I went through this for 3 years. When I auditioned for my 4th year this group of girls called me the night before on the phone saying “your BLACK ass will not be coming back”. I still went to the tryouts and unfortunately that was the end of my 76ers dance team career. It didn’t stop there. They proceeded to harass me by calling and leaving hateful racial videos saying they would come to the slums of West Philly Ghetto and physically harm me. I’m not from the ghetto and never lived in the ghetto but because I’m black they decided to say this laughing and giggling. They went around asking about me, finding out where I worked and calling my employment saying things to get me fired. I would hate for this group of women who are still working and connected to the Sixers Organization/Flyer Ice Hockey Dance Team Coach to hurt another young talented black girl. Sadly to say, I let this racial bullying incident from this group of women deter me from my dancing career. The women in the video- Annie Weiss aka Annie Fuhrman business pages @mommycanyou @ projectstillhuman, Malinda, Nicole Current Captain , Kerri 76ers Current Dance Coach, Danielle Flyer Ice Team Coach, Erica, Val, Julie, Lauren, Coach Dayna Hafetz TAG @76ersent @sixers @nba @shaunking @fox29philly PART OWNERS @willsmith @jadapinkettsmith #blm

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the 76ers organization ( x is investigating ) as well.
gooooooo tremaine!

tremaine has been really out here doing his social justice work.
that is really impressive and incredibly sexy.
if he thought he was getting pussy before…
i love that he is using his platform and voice to bring about change.
he was always one to speak out against injustice so this is nothing new.
i’ll allow it.

check out tremaine’s ig: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “trey songz is out here ruining racist’s lunches and lives”

  1. We need more black men with celebrity status and all sexual orientations to defend (dark-skinned) black women from this kind of mistreatment.

  2. I love how he said Annie thought he would let her ride! 🤣😂🤣 When you’re as fine and accomplished as Trey, it must feel good to turn down the better looking women

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