why is lamonte stennis trying his hardest to turn us off? (geez louise)

does he hate us?
as much as i can fall into lust,
i can fall right the fuck out.
lamonte stennis aka king stennis,
of the naked sip and paints fame,
was fine af to me.
i’ve seen him in person and he definitely looks better in motion.
as much as his thick ass thighs are his best feature,
his rabid trump supporting ways aren’t.
it isn’t that he supports trump that is the turn off.
you can support whoever you like.
it’s this shit

it’s all this extra shit he does.
we get it,
you are a trump stan.

Why do you have to be so corny about it?

black trump supporters always gotta come off so extra.
i never understand why they choose to drip in extra wack sauce.

lamonte will never get cancelled.
folks can scream to the mountain tops all they want,
but as long as he looks like someone you want to fuck

he’s going nowhere.

lowkey: i un-followed him a while ago.
i kept seeing that trump shit on my twitter tl.
i want to see you naked and turn me on.
( x turn me on )
( x turn me on )
( x turn me onnnnn )
( x ugh )
( x ughhhhh )

i don’t want to hear you speak or your thoughts on politics/sexuality.
daddy ruined a good thing.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

44 thoughts on “why is lamonte stennis trying his hardest to turn us off? (geez louise)”

  1. I don’t see a problem with him being a republican. Leave him alone. All black people do not think alike or support the same religions or ideas. Smdh. Get over it. Black people can be republicans.

    Meanwhile lusciouspromotions finally got a onlyfans page. Can’t wait

    1. @codyS “leave him alone” bitch shut up. Here you go with the shits, anybody especially someone who’s black that’s in support of a president who is a racist, sexist, misogynistic asshole is a coon.

    2. Do you also think Jews can be Nazis? Anyone who supports the vile racism and bigotry of Trumpism is an enemy of black people.

    3. “All Black people do not think alike.” Duh Why do you assume they do? In my book if you support a racist, bigoted, misogynist, who puts kids in cages and takes them away from the parents, then can’t find their parents, and lets them get sex trafficked, then I want nothing to do with you.

  2. I went to Jones Beach for my birthday and I saw a black lesbian couple with a Trump setup on the beach. The flags posted and everything. It’s either these people are malfunctioning or they’re getting paid to stan Trump. You notice that everybody stans something or someone nowadays? Funny how that came about.

  3. The list keeps growing in 2020. All these “attentionisto” as soon as they speak, it’s a wrap for me. Of course he can support whoever he wants, but all this extra shit…come on bro.

  4. He’s trolls most the time but I agree with Cody he has the right to support whoever he wants/troll as much as he wants. He’s a sex worker view him as that and ignore the politics. On his looks cant knock him the body’s legit. Not a roid bot, sexy dimples of venus, phat booty, big dick, nice skin, cant hate.

    1. ”View him as a sex worker and ignore his politics?!” I’m sorry but some of y’all don’t deserve a brain.

      1. Its actually the opposite to have enough brain to know that a dude selling ass to the highest bidder isn’t some power player in the political realm of anything lol.

  5. He’s trash, but I will say gays do need to practice what they preach when it comes to canceling. His support of trump has been blatant on his page, yet still gay men are flocking to his shows and page. All logic seems to go out the window when dick and ass is on a platter. Stop supporting people and giving them a pass just because they’re sexy. Don’t come to this blog to drag him, then in the same breath be in these dudes DM hoping they respond. Keep the same energy all the way through.

    1. Would never be caught dead in a Dm of any straight dude but would also be lying to deny dude is sexy. If you’re gonna be a prostitute on multiple platforms you better put the gym work in and he does. Cant hate at all. By the same token its exactly the fact that he’s a prostitute that his views on politics don’t really move the needle for me as harsh as that sounds. He can troll as much as he wants shrug. Trump is racist trash and he’s likely gonna get tossed out Lamontes vote or not.

  6. He is a certified troll who enjoys the attention he gets by being a Trump supporter. He may actually be a narcissist. He has to be the center of attention, and he’ll do it by any means necessary. That includes wearing Trump paraphernalia or simply walking around nekkid during those shows.

    If you’ve ever heard him speak, or read his responses on social media, he doesn’t have an actual position on many issues. He’s inarticulate, incredibly dense, and doesn’t offer much in terms of critical thought when challenged on his politics. He spends more time reposting his “haters” than his actual views. Again, its about the attention.

    At some point we’ll tire of the nude shows….and the Trump nonsense…and he’ll be forced to turn to something else. Maybe he’ll come out…. Maybe he’ll fuck a dude on cam…… it will never end unfortunately. lol

    1. Exactly! Everyone annoys the fuck outta me giving him the attention he so desperately craves.

      He’s just dumb provocateur, but the gay men that seem so fascinated he’s really a trump supporter and can’t reconcile that with their attraction to his basic ass abs and dick are the sick ones.

      Some of y’all would be writing to serial killers in prison if they looked good🙄

      1. All of this….one guy got into an argument with me over a very attractive dude being a registered sex offender. I’m like dude he’s still a damn Pedo and the girl was 13. He tried to blame the girl and said he would still give him the bussy.

        Physical Attraction Bias is a thing.

        1. Look, I’ve been on the national sex offender registry site. The gays would go crazy over some the dudes on there smh.

          They associate conventional attractiveness with being a good or redeemable person.

          Gay men literally must over straight men no respectable woman would want as a husband or provider.

          No decent woman is fucking Lamont on that air mattress he has on his floor…for free 🙄

          1. You’ve obviously never been in the hood where women are supporting felons who have no job and sit and home all day but it’s obvious he’s giving her that good dick.

  7. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Eh, i don’t have the care to invest my energy, honestly I’m sure he does “support” Trump, but most of his over-the-top ways of showing it I feel are for attention, people love to be “the exception” and I find for black people, the prideful ones love to Scream about how “things like this don’t happen to me” or have “never experienced racism” lol even if they haven’t, they always go that extra mile to seem “different” at this point I just laugh “oh, you ones of those New EDGY blacks” 😂

    1. Exactly. The dumbest people I know believe they’re displaying intelligence by going against the grain. They think differing from the norm is a character trait. They’re easy to spot because their criticisms of the “norm” are often superficial and lack critical analysis.

  8. Another attention seeker who thinks his political views will make him stand out. Support Trump and all his antics just don’t expect to continue receiving funds from the very community that this administration is aiming to hinder. A Black man supporting Trump is like a insect supporting Raid. It’s not even about Democrats or Republicans it’s about supporting someone when countless concrete evidence, documentation and etc has come out and shown how hateful and racists he is. These claims arent created out of thin air. So to any Black person who supports that administration you deserve whatever karma comes to you

  9. I’m going to be honest I LOVE that he basically told gays to shut the fuck up because you’ll literally be rubbing on my ass the moment you see my body. I kind of wish more of these guys would be honest and let they gays know that our opinions don’t matter if the guy is hot. At best we’ll worship low key and bash him in public. I almost wanted to donate to him for being that honest.

    1. I don’t know about donating but I agree, people hop on the canceling bandwagon knowing good and well if he slid in one of the gays DM, they’d have a seizure. The gag is, most desirable men know how thirsty some gay men can be, and they capitalize on it. So in a sense you kind of can’t even blame or be mad at him. Jamari and the guy hisself long ago posted of him being in support of trump and trolling, yet still the gays are drooling over him. So what does that say about us as a collective. There’s also a such thing as attractive privilege. People that are attractive feel they’re immune to certain treatment because no matter how ridiculous they are, people will still want them. And that video proved his point. It’s those gays he made a Mockery of, and that give the gays with integrity a bad name.

  10. Reading some more comments in this post what I’m not getting is most you seem to know dude is a troll. Most of you seem to know he can form coherent sentences. Yet his views which he never hid to his credit somehow matter this much. Gays seem to have this bad habit of giving people they’re attracted to so much power. Dude is a sex worker lol. I dunno I just don’t get it.

    1. I don’t follow this guy. If I did I would unfollow. Being beautiful and sexy isn’t unique, but rather a dime a dozen.
      I don’t understand supporting people that are trash when you can easily find and support someone who isn’t complete garbage.
      What makes this guy so special compared to the hundreds of thousands on Instagram that look just like him?

      1. Don’t follow him, never spent a dime on his only fans, never been to one of his sex shows. Is he an attractive man to me? Yup. Does his piss poor attempts to troll people for attention sway that? No.The only way I would give a fuck about what random Instagram ass thinks politically is if I were deluded to think I could get with him irl or something. Not there, so I can easily laugh at him not being able to form most sentences regarding his views, still think dude looks good and move on about my day. He holds no weight despite being sexy but I consider myself the same so maybe that helps.

      2. Absolutely nothing at all. He’s not even attractive to me honestly. I’ve seen better casually walking down the street.

        1. That’s fair. Not everyone is all’s vibe. I’m a sucker for deep dimples of venus above a phat booty so his stock goes up there.

        2. JAY I thought it was just me lol… He’s average looking at best to me shrug

          I guess people are impressed by so little

  11. I find intelligence sexy, along with a body. His trump posts are…..stupid, I have seen black male Trump supporters, while I didn’t agree with what they said, they had a stance and a point and their own set of values. For that reason, those men did not lose their sex appeal.

    This man….to me was never on my list of hotties. The way he carries himself just in general, reminds me of a 13 year old….13 year olds aren’t sexy….

    1. Sorry, but any black person supporting an obvious racist is a fool and their sex appeal goes to zero.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly don’t see why any black person would support Trump. I was just more referencing all the people on this posts saying that “Him supporting Trump doesn’t matter, he’s still cute” when clearly, their is nothing going on upstairs.

  12. Black lives matter but his doesn’t to me. Find my IP address. Get mad. I said it. I mean it. I will not go on an apology tour.

    Trump…told White people who were bored at home, who showed up with GUNS to protest…STAYING AT HOME and to listen to them and squash it. He…sanctioned and deputized the KKK to take Black protestors protesting BEING MURDERED FOR SPORT.

    He just repealed trans discrimination for healthcare. He is an embarassment.

    If you are a Republican, Conservative, Traditionalist, whatever you call yourselves these days if Trump is the best to represent you, you need a psych eval. If I were a Republican, I wouldn’t vote for him or Biden. I’d find someone unaffiliated…who represented my values.

    Isn’t that what voting is about? Republican and Democrat..is like DC and Marvel. IT’S THE SAME ISH!

    Think for yourself! Not to mention his delusion against the healthcare experts when people are dying who have “never died before”. Le sigh.

  13. Ain’t this the dude with the videos of him sticking dildos and shit up his ass. At the end of the day he’s nothing but a prostitute with little intelligence. Can’t take him seriously.

  14. Stop feeding his ego and giving him attention people! He is clearly not bright. There is not much to say about him.

    1. This!

      I think they do this on purpose to highlight their attraction to him despite him being a trump supporter. He’s always done this.

  15. There is an easy solution to shit people like this: block, unfollow all social media, do not support with your coins on ANY platform, ignore them utterly; their narcissistic need for attention/validation and the lack of said attention/validation will make them go back to the pit they crawled out of. Example: George Hill, Jeramie Hollins, etc.

  16. He does do what a trump supporter does best. Shift the conversation onto black people that WE’RE A MESS and what have u got to looooose. When if u really understood textbook and the way blk people act is WHITE PEOPLE shit that was put unto us. So when u say why blk people commit crime…why blk people dont accept gays. WHITE PEOPLE the same wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy. And we learned it from them and were put in these positions.

  17. He is ignorant as hell and needs to learn black history. The Republicans held the house and the Senate when Obama was President for his last 4 years and gave him hell. They even blocked his last supreme court pick.. That Mitch McConnell is a evil racist devil. Trump is not making America great again. He has made it ok for all of the racist and homophobic people to come out in the open and attack. Trump supporters are a cult. Blacks that support Trump are either rich,homophobic,religious or stupid. All I want to say to Trump supporters is…”Please don’t wear your Mask”.😀

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