the gathering of information on that person you like called online stalking

the foxhole is a safe space,
okay cool.
when i like/lust someone,
but we don’t really know each other,
i do what any red blooded human does…

Pull out my phone and get to investigating

we get to googling their names and see what comes up.
some of ya’ll are so good with tracking down someone’s information.
i mean,
ya’ll find the parents and their childhood pediatrician.

on most of the time,
google will lead you to all their social media platforms.
this is where you start lurking at pictures on ig,
reading their thoughts on twitter,
and seeing how ratchet they are on that gaddamn facebook.
you know facebook is the trailer park of social media.

in modern times,
it’s called “online stalking”.
everyone has stalked someone they have a crush on or wanted to fuck.
some will do it before they pursue someone; others just want to be nosy af.
i’ll be 110 with you:

I did it with someone i’m feelin’ heavy on about an hour ago

i just have to look at him and i’m horny af for whatever reason.
the problem is that you cannot stalk and overthink.
i wrote this on my twitter earlier:

for an over-thinker,
you’ll start putting together pieces of a puzzle.
that can cause major anxiety and isn’t healthy.

The stalking isn’t healthy but we do it anyway

the best way to really gauge someone is actually speaking to/being around them.
people create all kinds of lives on social media.
the person you think you’re seeing might not even be real.
you might be overthinking a whole made up character.
one of my great friends,
had this to tell me on a voice note about it:

so to all my over-thinkers out there,
you might not want to go into the online stalking business.
i mean getting deep into the shit.

i’ve decided i’m just gonna lust pictures and keep it moving.
i find once you start reading the twitter,
it can be a whole other rabbit hole.
i’m satisfied with online stalking-lite.

lowkey: i wonder if someone has ever online stalked me?
we never want to believe that someone will lurk in the shadows for us.
it would be sexy if someone i was interested in was doing the same.
i’d hate if that was just it.
ima need them to reveal that mind,
and meat with the quickness.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “the gathering of information on that person you like called online stalking”

  1. I’ve never actually online stalked a crush. It’s not because I’m better than anyone. I’d just be afraid of find something that triggers me. My selfesteem is not strong enough for it.

    1. ^ooooooh that’s a good one!
      that is one of the reasons i’m just gonna look at pictures.
      everything else is going too far down and might raise anxiety.

  2. I look thru people’s info. Its public. They made the profile and clicked public.

    If they don’t want me to see, they can block me. Fuck these paranoid schizo bitches.

  3. So when the age of social media took off we all kinda stalked everyone. Especially with MySpace. I found myself looking into some profiles and sending messages To random sexy dudes hoping for a reply. I usually would get many just like even now, you tell people “Damn bruh you are so beautiful…” and you’ve got their attention. I’m a flirt so I’m good with words. I’ll call a ugly dude with a big booty the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen! Lol 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Anyway nowadays the only time I’ll check out someone’s profile/social media is if we met on an app and I just want to get a feel of who they are.

    Believe me checking out people’s Social media from apps has saved me a lot of trouble from pursuing them by looking at what they do and who they are friends with on the day to day.

    But generally I like to meet people out and about and talk to them in person right and then. But believe it or not people actually welcome the stalking. You gotta understand that we are in the era of frontin & stuntin!

    I meet guys in clubs or events/restaurants and they always say yo you got a snap or IG and I’m like no I don’t but I have a number. I also don’t add them on any social media. I’m like nope I’m getting to know you and you’re getting to know me!

    I dated a guy who would travel a lot and when we would speak I would ask him, how was your day or what’s it like over there? And he would get upset telling me why are you asking me all these questions? I posted everything on IG you can go and see for yourself. And i would be like wait this nigga I’m dating wants me to go on a social media platform to find out how his day was? Wtf is happening? Lol

    So yeah…don’t feel bad people are losing all sense of connection. By the time we reach 2030 if COVID hasn’t killed us all by then, we would all get married and have children on social media without ever even meeting in person.

  4. I used to not stalk. I felt if I looked at his page, it would ruin the little surprise of getting to know things about him.

    Then I got stalked. The problem is stalkers put lots of energy into making you feel like you’re tripping, doubting yourself. Then they’re in your DMs telling you EVERYTHING about yourself.

    This “gaylebrity” followed me and I blocked him then unblocked him because I didn’t want people knowing I live for him. I told him not to put me on blast like that. He got mad and blocked me. Tell me why..he did a deep dive on my page and started talking to this guy I used to talk to. . Like you really did all of that to piss me off?? Why do you care so much. Then I found his other page that he would use to lurk on me. How do I know? Social media’s algorithim suggests people to you that constantly come to your page. People think it’s based on mutuals…no. I read about the algorithim knowing you better than you know yourself and suggesting things you are probable to like. So if you constantly go to his page first’ll start suggesting guys who look like him..things he’s liked…

    Anyway, after my account was hacked to prevent me from deleting it, I realized that online is “serious business”. I need to know if he used to work at Google and will know things about me that he shouldn’t. I need to know if he has a history of narcissism. I need to know if his father works at Interpol and he can get me in trouble if I make him angry. I need to know if he’s watching my house from Google Maps.

    A whole breed of You from Netflix fvckboys will be bred in this pandemic.

    1. I hope it wasn’t Facebook. Facebook will also recommend people who have been physically near you.

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