Trey Songz Ate Everything Off The Plate (See!)

1622859_10152072255084934_1886727381_n-1good boy.
i could do without the “miley cyrus tongue” face trey.

well at least his looks clean.
so do you want us to fuck you or give you a throat culture?
i’m confused.
the meat looks like it’s hanging just right tho.
i’m not confused about that.

lowkey: i guess he stopped working out?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Trey Songz Ate Everything Off The Plate (See!)”

      1. Damn I love that gif. It always gets me going. I bet he can through that ass back….and I’ll be right there to catch it. I know it’s good.

  1. Im just gonna assume he’s a little broke. He’s renting an expensive ass house in LA and last album flopped. He does shows year round so i can only assume he’s living the tour life. Hence, the lack of muscles

    1. His album flopped because it wasn’t as strong as the last one. He didnt go in as well as he could have. Also, at times he wants to be a rapper, and people don’t like it. He wants to have a career like R. Kelly, but Trey is not a true bad boy like R, so he doesn’t come off as authentic. No one likes a fraud. He was not like this when his career first popped off. Be yourself Trey.

      He’s releasing an album in four months. If he doesn’t come hard on this one, I’m finished.

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