travis scott speaks his side on ig to help clear up any future cancellations

i don’t “do” crowds.
i’ll never forget being a kid at a crowded fete with my cousin and then-girlfriend.
she has since passed of cancer (rip).
a fete is what we call a big party or event in barbados.
from what i remember,
it was getting dark but there was music playing.
people were laying out on blankets and/or mingling.
all of a sudden,
people started running and screaming.
my cousin grabbed me up and we started running towards the car.
i remember it was packed and people were running in all kinds of directions.
that shit shook me to the core.

I don’t like the idea of being trapped in a crowded place with nowhere to get out.

i can imagine the fear that ensued at that travis scott concert in houston, texas.
( x see story here )
it’s confirmed that 8 people died and hundreds are injured.
travis decided to make a statement on instagram….


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he is “devastated” now but…

if this goes haywire,
kylie will be making that exit swiftly.


this isn’t a good look for him.
twitter is on his ass with footage from the concert.
people were dying and he allegedly was ignoring them.
his statement doesn’t come off too genuine but it could be the shock of it all.
i’ve been hearing the conspiracy theorist are talking about this:

“As soon as he jumped out on the stage, it was like an energy took over and everything went haywire,” concertgoer Niaara Goods said. “All of a sudden, your ribs are being crushed. You have someone’s arm in your neck. You’re trying to breathe, but you can’t.”

the “an energy took over…” part as it was some kind of ritual.
i think the “energy” was he brings a lot of energy when he performs.

people feed off that shit.
it’s no different when bey performs and gets you hype as soon as she hits the stage.

i’m sure this will be a pr nightmare for travis,
but his people will do their thing to soften the blow.
he is too much of a money maker and if this situation is like others,
he will be judged and ridiculed but i doubt he’ll be canceled.

article cc: ap news

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “travis scott speaks his side on ig to help clear up any future cancellations”

  1. I don’t really know any of his music,I rarely listen to rap music.I just know he’s from the Houston area(Missouri City) and is Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy.
    I have been reading about some of the lawsuits already filed and one of the lawsuits list Travis,Live Nation,The Corporation that runs NRG, and Drake.The concertgoer says Travis and Drake incited the crowd.He is asking for $1million in damages and a trial by jury.Hell I didn’t even know Drake was there until I read about the lawsuit yesterday.
    Another thing I found interesting is that a lot of the victims traveled to Houston from other states to attend this concert/festival.So now their families are trying to get here to claim their bodies.
    It’s all so sad
    Rest in Peace to all of the victims.

  2. I didn’t realize Travis was still a thing. He’s trash and its clear that he only cares now that he is affected. He deserves everything coming to him. It’s his responsibility to set the tone of safety and professionalism at his shows. Everyone from the crew to the audience look to him to know what is ok and what is not ok.
    Such shame to keep performing when people are begging for the lives.

  3. Jamari, something is not clean. A security guard got injected with foreign substances. People trampled. Every account I’ve heard is him being aware and continuing to perform. Very disturbing and twisted.

    When everyone is agreeing something nefarious is going on, it’s not easy to dismiss what people have been saying about the music industry.

  4. Note to Travis Scott:

    Good morning Travis.

    I’m not going to start with any pleasantries but rather get straight to the point.

    As the named promoter of this event you know YOU are ultimately responsible for all the shit that went down at your concert. I hope you don’t need a reminder and your lawyers spend time trying to defuse the hundreds of law suits coming your way and not argue that you had no idea Blah Blah blah.

    Travis- WHAT WERE CHILDREN DOING AT YOUR CONCERT? WAS IT ADVERTISED THAT CHILDREN AGE 10 AND YOUNGER COULD BE AT YOUR EVENT? I am sure your defense is you had no idea, but brother your patrons thought it was OK and so they did.

    Next question – Was the venue licensed to hold that capacity of people and if so why did it look so packed like sardines? Were the audience sectioned off to allow movement within each section? Was the fire department consulted on your estimated attendance to ensure the venue could handle the crowd easily in case there was a fire or even a stampede, as is the case?

    Third – did your concert have a front of house staff – you know the staff that handles the audience? They actually monitor the gates ensuring all protocols and standards are met, they ensure no kids are allowed, They even mingle during the concert to ensure no hankie-pinkie is going on in the audience.

    Fourth- did you have security in the crowd , you know just to ensure no one with the bright idea of using a gun to elevate the concert unexpectedly? No Travis its not farfetched. I just have to remind you of one venue- Las Vegas! You do remember Las Vegas and that crazy ass gun man opened fire on the crowd.

    Travis these are just some of my initial questions but from what I can see from video footage, it doesn’t look good on your part. Not saying you did not have these things in place, but where were they when the shit hit the fan, as it did. No one was there to circumvent the tragedy.

    Travis- you are a young, black man trying to make a difference but buddy there is no shortcut to professionalism and event planning. As a planner myself I can bet you i can pull out my check list and go down point by point and not be alarmed of the deficit on the To Do list!

    Travis, please don’t try to ACT your way of out justice. Your recent “I’m devastated” monologue fell flat. You know who’s truly devastated? The patrons that went to your concert expecting a safe environment and their families did not see them come home! Your not devastated, your just having diarrhea because your ass is running shits trying to get out of this debacle.

    As I said I hope you have enough insurance coverage because trust me the trailer trucks are loading with lawsuits and they are backed up for miles Travis, and they coming for your ass!

      1. Jamari thanks brother but this is so sad. Imagine you left for a concert and don’t come back home ? I’m reading on SM that he has a history of encouraging fans to storm venues. Cant verify but if something don’t go so, it near go so as we say in Jamaica. This guy wrote on Tumblr the following:

        The height of stan culture is saying Travis Scott did nothing wrong when he literally stood on stage and watched the crowd beg for help because people were getting injured and dying, watched paramedics struggle to get through the crowd, and watched the crowd body surf unconscious and/or dead bodies to the paramedics and still didn’t stop the show.

        There are a lot of people at fault for what just happened at AstroWorld and Travis Scott is one of those people. He has a history of encouraging his fans of bypassing security and rushing the stage. He quite literally wants you all to get hurt or killed.

        Get a life and stop defending celebrities, especially the ones who like to watch as you take your last breath….

        I rest my case

        1. ^stan culture has ruined some of celebs.
          it’s okay to like a celeb,
          admire one,
          but to her to defending them when they are obviously in the wrong is another level i never want to reach.

          it’s okay to say their fav celeb is wrong and hold them accountable for their actions.

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