you are special to him right now, but you gonna be over it soon (summer walker)

one thing i realized while listening to the new summer walker album,
still over it“:

We all like to think we are special snowflakes.

we all like to think that they won’t turn on us.
“he treats me differently than he does him/her.”
“he never did what he did with his exes than he did with me.”

in reality tho…

He just hasn’t done it to you “yet”.

if he was an asshole to them,
he will be an asshole to you.
as much as we want to coddle summer walker,

did she ignore the red flags because she thought she was special?

when i think back:

My First was a “pick me” for his wolf pack.

Work Wolf was a liar,
and thief.

WW3 was an emotionally unavailable brick wall.

this even applies to ex-friends that i’ve been around.
i saw them talk about folks behind their backs and do shady shit,
but they seemed to treat me differently at the time.
they invited me out,
texted me all day,
and shared “personal things” with me.


i need you to read me carefully.
you are not special to him or those people.
you know the people i’m talmbout.
you keep ignoring all the red flags because you’re having fun or the dick is good.
people have been warning you,
but you haven’t been listening but you’ll learn pretty soon.
you haven’t experienced what the others before you have experienced…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “you are special to him right now, but you gonna be over it soon (summer walker)”

  1. London On Da Tracks Mother and I were in school together. My Freshman year she was a Junior. His Dad graduated with my Sister and was chocolate and cute. Dad was a Senior while I was in my Freshman year. When I saw her on the stand during R Kelly s trial, it was surreal. His Aunt and I went from 4th grade to 12th grade together. London should change that tired name. Summer Walker looks like she came straight out DA COUNTRY, SHE BEHAVES THAT WAY TOO. If you take away the Atlanta gloss, London looks like a bumpkin from the country cast as a City Boy. On another note, I said a few weey ago that tired ass Nene Leaked would be selling more of her soul fame before Gregg got cold, and sure enough she is talking to Andy about coming back. Go away already Nene. Have you no shame?

    1. If NeNe actually sold her soul, she’d be more than a joke in Hollywood and be an executive producer a la Shaunie O’Neal and Basketball Wives.

      She will need the money with her manchild and debt from trying to keep up with the Joneses. Let her live. She isn’t any more of an embarassment or caricature than any African-American character on TV written by a white writer.

      White people push the image of us that they want and we either starve, or go along with it. Black actors did Blackface. It was their only way in.

      Unless you are a CEO seof-sufficient from the white man, let this Black woman LIVE!

      1. She breathes, she lives. She has pursued other venues in entertainment besides the RHOA clown show. After the vehement protestations alleged racism Andy Cohen and his team, she is right back in the jungle like Jane ready for her close up, Mr. DeMille.
        Thank you for the Blacks In Blackface 101 lecture. You are soooo smart, Seli. Thank you. The Coloreds have got to eat Massas crumbs.๐Ÿ‘๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’œit.

  2. I meant a few weeks ago I said Nene Leakes would be selling her soul for additional fame. She is fake fake fake. The next step will be ‘Nene Finds Love After Gregg’.

    1. Off topic: I think Nene sold her soul a long time ago, but the sacri– passing of her husband solidified it for me. The numbers don’t lie when it comes to Hollywood.

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