is noir male a money pit of doom?

i’m gonna start featuring dms from foxholers when i get them.
i’ll not be posting our private conversations (mmm oh fuck),
but i will post about things i feel the foxhole can benefit from.
i want you guys to feel involved within this platform when i can.
let’s have a chat about “noir male“,
an adult website featuring the finest in black gay males.
according to one of the foxholers,
it’s an alleged money pit

from pounds to the american dollar:

£1.00 = $1.35
£79.99 = $107.90
£34.97 = $47.17
£15.99 = $21.57

that is a lot of money folks are dropping on porn!
that can’t be true,

this is my major beef with sites like this especially onlyfans.
you know i can’t deal with paying the entrance fee and this kinda message:

…and what’s worse,
you pay for all this bread just for the video you wanna see to be leaked for free.

with all this free porn on the net,
“that site that shall not be mentioned”,
group chats,
and other sources if you really search hard enough…

Is it really worth paying for porn these days?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “is noir male a money pit of doom?”

  1. The simple answer is NO..absolutely NOT- its predictable. Its boring and it will be leaked sooner than later. So DON’T PAY FOR PORN…….period

  2. When covid19 first hit pornhub gave it’s members premium access for awhile to help relieve stress. Somehow under a glitch in the matrix or something I can login under premium access to videos without paying the monthly subscription. Originally I thought there wouldn’t be a difference but there is. Better film quality, variety of scenes from different companies, etc. There are a few freaky onlyfans that I came across before that cost between $5-15 a month but it was unlimited access. I hate the ones where they try to charge you $30 for a video lmao

    However Noir Male would never get my coin. Also those flicks feel like they’re catered for white men who love BBC. Idk it just feels like they’re overacting. Porn will always sell regardless. And 90% of the free porn that’s out is ancient from 5-10+yrs ago.

  3. There are a few OF and JFF sites that don’t charge extra however I just started following Daniel Shoneye’s site which has him and his partner They offered a flip flop clip and are charging $100.00 I had such a good laugh

  4. “Hell nah.” — Miss Sophia, The Color Purple.

    “You must be out yo got damn mind” — Coming To America.

    A good preview can get you off if they that damn good. I used to go to Dawgpoundusa and get my life. Then Breeditraw came. When “trump-19” hit, all that shit stopped. When Venom came back with J Strokes, got me looking at the sites for the previews. Now, it ain’t the same. I get mine on Twitter and Snapchat. My snapchat groups are way better than what these sites doing.

    Onlyfans not all that cause you paying $15 for 30 sec jag videos. Then turn around and pay a extra $10 for a single video they turn around and delete it or forget their password to it and you still getting charged every month for nothing new. Although there are some hot OF out there. Just not paying for it when you putting it on twitter for free. Plus people grow out their OF. I haven’t seen Justen “Bam” Ruff make anything lately. Arquez, this man, one minute he got a boo, the next day he stroking on twitter. He be speaking facts on IG tho. I got a lot of Twitter favs that just make my shit spit so why pay for it.

  5. The answer over all is no for me. The content and value are subprime on most of these sites; especially professional studios. While that my opinion, I will say if that is their pricing, I’m shocked. Truthfully, there are people that’ll be more than willing to pay the price for their fantasy. I’m not one of them though. But to each his/her own, right.

  6. Isn’t NoirMale based in the US? So maybe the Foxholer writing you is based in the UK or some place that uses British pounds sterling but either way, that is a lot of money. At least with OF and JFF you can only sign up for a month and if you don’t like it or get your money’s worth you don’t renew. Then there’s all the free porn. I get subscribing to help people survive but if you’re out to scam and ask for $100 to see a clip of nothing, it’s a strong NO.

    One other point isn’t NoirMale the studio that caught all kinds of controversy because it was supposed to be featuring Black men (literally noir=black) but was advertising the White men on the site because it was geared toward White customers? I’m amazed they’ve survived given all the hits traditional porn studios have taken but maybe allegedly locking people into subscriberships is how they stay afloat.

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