karamo brown seems to be (up in something) fresh and new

i keep telling ya’ll that males know who moves the meter.
we will date and marry out of settling,
but we will bounce/cheat once we meet the person that we really want.
we see this all the time when some dl males finally meet “the one”.
i got an interesting dm about karamo brown today.
from what i remember,
he was married to ^that white man.
welllllll that seems to be over cause allegedly…

i mean carlos is all over his instagram:


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i mean,
i’m not gonna font it’s a love story just yet.
they could just be fuckin’ their brains out for a season.

karamo has the clout to meet the males of fantasies now.
if what the f-bi told me was true:

shit just doesn’t work.

as much as we try to make it work,
it’s not meant to work.
if they realized this and moved on,
good for them.
no use in staying something that is over.
i’d rather be alone than to deal with that shit.
take it from someone who tried to hold onto people that wanted to leave.

i wish them well.

lowkey: karamo looks good for his age.
he looks the same since his debut on “the real world”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “karamo brown seems to be (up in something) fresh and new”

  1. Jamari you’ll be posting in the future about him again. Karamo seems as if he gets bored fast in monogamous relationships.

  2. I don’t know why, but he and the rest of the queer eye guys annoy the mess out of me. whenever I see them, I just roll my eyes.

    1. Jamari, I know this is your site and you post whatever you want, but who the hell cares about Karamo Brown in the black gay community? Do gay black men even watch Queer Eye¿ I didn’t watch it when it was Carson and I’m not watching with the new maricones.

      Most black gay men who date out were never on my radar. So I can’t get mad about what pink booty they chasing on today. This is coming from someone who date out cause brothas be on that mess, but unlike Billy and Karamo, I’m not rooting through the garbage.

  3. Karamo and Ian were together 10 years but they never got married,they got engaged in 2018.
    They were supposed to get married last year but they postponed it due to the COVID pandemic, then they broke up.Karamo is still close to Ian he posted a Happy Birthday post for Ian’s 50th Birthday and he said they are still family.Ian is also still close to Karamo’s sons,they call him Pops and consider him their stepfather.

  4. It’s almost winter and the snow will fall and the coal fires will burn in Virginia. Same old, same old washed out looking Black men choosing the same flat assed Dinge diggers. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

  5. He dated Chris Salvatore for a moment after Ian then went to carlos. I just want to say that i’ve never seen him with a black man…

    1. Exactly…I was just thinking about this…but I wouldn’t say anything!!! Thank u for saying what I was thinking!!

    2. Well he dated at least one black guy, Justin Sylvester,the co-host of E!’s Daily Pop show.They discussed it when Karamo was a guest co host on the show.I don’t know how long they dated.Based on what they said Karamo wanted a committed relationship whereas Justin has an issue with being in a relationship.

  6. Lol the only time he was with a black man was on real world and he was struggling so hard! It was like punishment and the guy was so handsome and really liked him.
    The story then was he wasn’t ready to come out but what he wasn’t ready for was to admit he likes white c*** lol

    No I kid I kid! I think he’s one of those black men who found it easier and less complicated to date white men. Let’s not act like black gay men are the best option out there y’all. Most of us are all single or get in relationships with a 2 months to a year span but that’s another conversation.

    Koramo admitted he was addicted to coke in the past and he overcame it, but every time I see him I feel like he still does hard drugs, he just has that functioning meth look. He wears a lot of makeup and his pics are heavily filtered and photoshopped so it goes over pplz heads.

    Hope he’s okay and wish him well; also is it me or do both of his sons seem gay? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. I remember when he was on the Real World and I found it interesting that he gave that black dude such a hard time for having all the qualities that his later white and Latino partners seem to possess? Like, from the looks of it, his dudes aren’t exactly ripping up redwoods or crushing beer cans on their heads.

        1. Yup! I always got a color-struck vibe from Karamo. Definitely comes off as one of those black people who get a white or Eurocentric partner to parade around like some kind of trophy. He is part Cuban so there is a lot of anti-blackness in the Latinx community too. Psychically, I get that he probably has colorism issues from his childhood and upbringing.

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