the pretty vixen said something that hurt my feelings yesterday.

i use to think really lowly of myself.
it bugs me out how i viewed myself when it came to men.
i was having a phone conversation with the pretty vixen yesterday.
she mentioned something i said to work wolf about her.
in her words

“I’ll never forget when Work Wolf saw me and was interested in me.
You told him that I would never date someone like him.
I said to myself that if I wouldn’t date someone like him,
Why would you???????”

blew my fuckin’ mind.

if someone i think is super dope,
and deserves greatness wouldn’t date someone like him…

Why did I?

i was really slumming it with males from my past.

lowkey: i think only one wolf i was interested in could date…
he was trash to.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “the pretty vixen said something that hurt my feelings yesterday.”

  1. You wouldn’t advise friends to consume crumbs, but you and I both, in our tortured pasts, were willing to scrape crumbs onto our plates and consume the crumbs as if it were a four course meal.
    I have dug deep into the crab barrel just so I could have a fuck for the night or the day. Or sometimes just a strong pair of arms to hold me.
    I have had my credit card stolen by trade and wouldn’t call the police because honestly, I was sprung on the dick. No shame in the game cause that’s the real deal. Confession shines light on tomfuckery and tomfoolery. There are plethoras of tales from my past. It harks back to the Spirit of Rejection in my childhood. I’ve healed, but just barely. Perfection is a continual process, so be encouraged and don’t look back. Don’t become jaded and stop loving people. Your mission and gifts are rooted in love. The goal in the spiritual realm is to stop you from loving others; so study your lessons and learn em well!♥️

  2. I get what you’re saying, but u also have to cut yourself some slack, because the way a women is “suppose” to be courted is different from the way we are “use” to being courted, I’m sure you didn’t expect work wolf to publicly flaunt you, you just expected it to be a low-key, privately tender relationship, and Honestly that’s “ok” for us as gay men, whereas for women that secrecy wouldn’t be ok, my point is you can’t use what a women is to expect from a relationship as any guideline, because our experiences are TOTALLY different from theirs

  3. Well. This is a lot to deal with. I think I will just eat my food and think about it later.

    Instead of hoping to be chosen, let’s choose ourselves first!

  4. Wait you and work wolf dated? I remember that Saga and it was so juicy but didn’t know y’all dated. I disappeared for a while but I thought he was straight and you was trying to feel him out. Pls gimme details.

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