This Is Why We LOVE J Strokes…

I mean, do I really need to explain?…

Can someone organize for me to interview him?
I feel like I need that scoop.
I have A LOT of questions.

…and can someone direct me to these new J Strokes scenes?
Yeah, thanks.

Author: jamari fox

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28 thoughts on “This Is Why We LOVE J Strokes…”

    1. ^well he shouldn’t say that out loud.
      who does he thinks supports his movies?
      And if he thinks his “j stroke” is epic…
      i need him to cum again (literally).

  1. Nice ass but his gay bashing does get tired. These porn stars obviously don’t know who keepin them in the spot light. Even though Brian pumper and cj wright may have horrable strokes. Atleast they acknowledge us as fans

  2. Lurking aint easy. :
    Yep he’s boring as all hell but his body is everything. Btw have you seen yet this Jamari?
    Just came across and am here laughing at the outrage in the comments.

    Broke my damn heart!

    Its like walking in on the sexy dude you have a crush on getting fisted by old white guys.

    I will never look at him the same again. Can’t even watch his scenes anymore. Smh!

    I’m really affected by this. Lol

    1. Yeah, that took me out – depsite Sarge’s body. And I was quite disturbed by the fact shim had a fairly big dack. *sigh*

    1. I doubt it Jamari. Just think the whole thing would be uncomfortable cause I don’t think he sees it for the gays and also doesn’t come off too bright. He’s blessed tho.

      lol @Jay, you’ll get thru it bro. I guess I now know how some str8 guys watch str8 porn and totally tune out the guy, cause I watched it and totally tuned her/him out. Sarge’s body is bananas. I can still watch his scenes, not many hot masculine bottoms like him out there.

      1. ^so then we are going on “word of mouth”.
        Justin Slayer had an interview where he disrespected gays, his true fan club.
        J Strokes is getting “word of mouth”.
        Let a Fox see a receipt before I start throwing daggers.
        I love Luckey like my first born…
        …but I can’t go on “a queen said so”.
        I need “that muthafucka went on his twitter and went on a tirade….”

  3. Totally off topic but Jamari I just found out that Laron Landry now plays for the Jets…

    HE’S COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JAY RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. time will tell …. need to watch the interaction close since Tebow has the “fever”

  4. I’m kind of confused as to why seeing Sarge take dick by a tranny changes everyone’s view of him? Isn’t that a bit superficial and speak against most everything we preach on this site? I’m confused.

    1. It’s because most of us on here are turned off by trannies Random. It’s just srange seeing a dude getting piped down by a tranny, and the tranny in the video was a hot mess. I guess everyone has a different taste.

    2. Don’t you think it kind of came out of nowhere though?

      A tranny is about as sexually attractive to me as a child or an animal, so now every time I see Sarge I will associate him with something that is NOT sexy period.

      I’m willing to bet other studios are going to work with him less, if not at all, because of this as well. He just cut his appeal dramatically.

      In all fairness, porn is built on the superficial. I don’t know Sarge personally. The only thing I know is he played college football, was in the army (hence the name), and he has a body.

    3. I’m not turned on by chicks w/dicks. Nor am I aroused by big girls (or guys), so that was a fail all around for me

      1. Fair enough. I mean, I’m not at all turned on my trannies, but it didn’t really affect my view of Sarge. He’s still sexy with me. I’d still let him take my dick and I’d still take his.

        The conversation just reminded me of strict bottoms who go up in arms when they found out the top of their dreams has taken a dick at some point in his life. Just seems—superficial.

  5. Hey guys wats gud sorry to break it to ya jamari but I was on jukadiie a while an he had posted a tweet of j.strokes an it waslike “all an all this a$$ $h*t” ima let u feel in da blank of how he feels abt us oggaling an blogging bout those juicy cakes of his….

      1. Yes I agree its been a while since I looked at his tweet stream he is kinda harsh on gays I dnt understand. Most straight men why they will bash gays like they do but on the same token I can only imagine the men that hit him up tryna come at him tho….but tht dnt mean ima stop watching his movies an admiring his uhh (ahem) talent…cakes lol

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