The Scariest Phone Call EVER

“Hello” – you
“Wassup.” – random voice.
“Who is this?”
“Oh, you don’t know who this is?”
“Naw… should I?”
“It’s Damon.”
“Oh!…. wassup. I haven’t from you in like 3 weeks… where you been?”
“My b shorty, I lost all the contacts in my phone and ….”


we have ALL heard that line from a Wolf we haven’t heard from in forever.
I use to fall for it until I woke up and smelt the bullshit.

“I lost all the contacts in my phone.”

Niggum please.
That translates into:

“I was bangin’ some other Fox and it didn’t work out.
Since I have no one else to smash currently, let me contact you and see whats good.”

Another scenario is if you text/call and he says “Who is this?
That translates to:

“I wasn’t interested in you anymore. I either got the cheeks or I didn’t.
Either way, it all equals up to taking your number out my phone.
I may entertain this conversation to beat the cakes again (or try to)…
…or I may tell you I’ll call you back… and never do.”

When a Wolf is interested,
you will never hear those words.
He will be too busy trying to please you.

Another Fox tale brought to you by yours truly.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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