Tank Has Gone Crazy and Needs a Restraining Order

Mmm mmm mmm…
I remember when I first saw Tank…..

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Ginsu-Hoes (Another NFL Player Stabbed)

Ever since this lockout has taken place,
it’s like these hoes are playing Captain Stab-A-Negro.

I see that now these NFL players have no money,
they been bored and fucking up with Vixens left and right.

First Brandon Marshall and now…

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The Scariest Phone Call EVER

“Hello” – you
“Wassup.” – random voice.
“Who is this?”
“Oh, you don’t know who this is?”
“Naw… should I?”
“It’s Damon.”
“Oh!…. wassup. I haven’t from you in like 3 weeks… where you been?”
“My b shorty, I lost all the contacts in my phone and ….”


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