Tank Has Gone Crazy and Needs a Restraining Order

Mmm mmm mmm…
I remember when I first saw Tank…..

He was doing back flips in a video for his debut song called Freaky (or something like that).

He was just all around fione to me.
He could also sing so instantly that did it for me.
Then, he came out with Slowly and I was an instant fan.
After that, I pretty much supported all of Tank’s projects.
He is a lil’ freaky muthafucka too.
(just how I like them)

Anyway, Tank’s latest song “Next Breath” is a nice slow jam about a love he regrets losing.
The video is really nice too.
I love to see a Wolf pining over a Vixen/Fox/Hybrid when he fucked up and lost a good thing.
Ignoring his calls and texts.
Putting the phone on mute and laughing as he begs and cries.
Throwing a tomato at him in a crowded sidewalk.
Aaaah those are good times.

Peep it below. 


Now I don’t mind you breaking up yo’ shit.
But, the wall with all my pictures on it and the candles burning….?


next thing you know:



Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Tank Has Gone Crazy and Needs a Restraining Order”

  1. He would be face in pillow..ass in the air….i am telling you Jamari..he is VERY much a fox in wolf clothing…

        1. ^i never found him attractive either.
          he has fat cakes.
          maybe he pulls all those foxes because of his charm and personality?
          jamie has slayed some fine baller foxes.
          that is all i will say on that.

  2. Tank is gonna have to get a restraining order against me. Whew this is a good looking Brotha, always have been feeling him, so cool and collected, and those lips and that body OMG!!!!!

  3. I love Tank. Everything about him. I love what he gives in his music. They’re very much love stories and he allows himself to be vulnerable on them which makes them so good. Plus, his vocals are really unmatched in the game.

  4. Uh Tank is very reserved and very straight went to undergrad with him, he went to Morgan and used to sing in the choir before he left to do the album thing – WOLF ALL DAY unless something changed….you can check with his baby’s mother if you really want to know how good the dick is…heard he slings a mean stroke

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