Foxy Lifestyle: We Don’t Invest In Broke Wolves Here

When we meet any Wolf, we tend to be wrapped up in “looks”,
that we don’t remember to do proper background checks.

There is more to a man than FINE.
FINE is okay to look at and occasionally let beat the cakes…
but what about when FINE wears off and you have to get to know dude?

First question when meeting ANY Wolf: 

Are you lazy?

That should always be the first question in your mind.

Lazy = broke.
Broke = sexy.


Face it, most broke Wolves are the sexiest.

I am going to show you how to budget the Wolves by importance.
Who you should be taking seriously, who has potential…

… and who you SHOULDN’T even be answering their call.

Wolf A+

He  has a job or career.
He could be a baller or working a 9-5.
He has money.
He may be suspicious of your intentions but if you aren’t a stupid Fox, you can charm him.
He should ALWAYS come first in your budget.
He has potential to upgrade you OR build with you.
You always want to be with someone who can teach you,
OR you both are learning together.


Wolf  B-

Wolf B has some money, but he is in college or he is on his way to getting money.
He could be an aspiring athlete or interning at a big CEO company.
This is the best time to meet a Wolf.
He may not have the swagg or the clothes – but it is coming.
Hold him down during his struggle to greatness and he will repay you in the future.
Even if you both are going half/half on dinner or you are pay for his meals,
he isn’t LAZY.
He is genuinely trying and you are seeing him putting in the work.

You should always gauge where his motivation is coming from also.
If he is driven about making a better life for himself, KEEP HIM.
You never want to burn your bridges with a potential Bill Gates or Diddy.
Many of the Foxes you see working background are dudes who stuck around.


Wolf (-DoubleNegative)

He is broke.
He is lazy.
He is done.
You don’t understand his language because you don’t speak “BROKE”.

If you meet a Wolf and he has no job but can magically afford to drink or smoke


rappers, models, athletes, record producers, actors, college students…



No promises of “I’m trying to find a job” or “I am living off unemployment“.
This Wolf has no real motivation besides being a slacker and potentially living off YOU.
No moving him in or feeling sorry for him.
He is a grown ass man.
If you are getting your ass up everyday to get to work, pay your own bills,
and fight for a better future…


Take that and live by it.
It will definitely help you out.
Anytime you need me, email.
I’ll be glad to assist you in deciphering Wolf in Consideration.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Foxy Lifestyle: We Don’t Invest In Broke Wolves Here”

    1. I have met A’s and B’s plenty of times, but due to my insecurities in the past, I scared them off OR I scared myself off. I met them online, thru other people, or at work. It isn’t hard.

      U have to open yourself to dating. Give guys a chance. U will not find a man who is perfect. Just like we aren’t perfect, he may have 1 or 2 flaws but he may be a good guy. U have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince babe. Just avoid the broke ones – I like dinner and a few trinkets lol

  1. You are the shit, Jamari. You just always coming out the cut with that real talk. Everybody cant face these facts. People front like they dont know what they really want.

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