The Only Time You’re Private Is When You’re In The Toilet

people talk too much.
or they have someone who can talk for them.
it kills me how you can find out someone’s business without even knowing them.
all you have to do is ask someone that runs in their circle and you will find your answers.
with the burst in social media and everyone being an open book…

Is it possible to be private in this lifestyle?

i find in this lifestyle,
everyone is very messy.
hell, this whole century is all about being an attention ho.
you ask about someone and their whole line up is brought to the table.
from who they fucked,
how they make money,
how they aren’t making any money,
and what diseases they have?
personal things that should between you, your parents, your bank, and your doctor.
so, why is this?

at one side,
you can find out about someone before you try to talk to them.
on another side, it makes you wonder how sloppy is this person?
why would you even want to fuck anyone that you know their whole movement?
i am a big supporter in being private and mysterious.
i admire how jay z and beyonce carry themselves.
you have to crack so many codes to find out anything about them.
and when you crack one code,
you have to decode another just to find out if the first one was the truth.

shit how are you even calling yourself discreet,
or even down-low,
yet people know your whole sexual resume?
and can we even trust our friends?
we may not talk,
but our friends surely will act as our “Page Six”.

have you wondered…

What do you think people are saying about YOU?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The Only Time You’re Private Is When You’re In The Toilet”

  1. Yeah dudes talk a lot. I agree with the idea of just living your life and not worrying about what others may have heard about you. Any man worth his salt will be smart enough not to discount you based solely on what he “heard.”

  2. The Man you are on to something, in this life you just have to live it and do your thing and forget what anybody says, I spent so many years, I cant get back worrying about others opinion and then I realized that they have just as many problems and insecurities as me and if they didnt they wouldnt be worrying about what I was doing. Never tell anybody anything, just let them assume what they want because thats what they are going to do anyway. Just live your life honest, do right by others and save your money and you will be ok. Always ask yourself in 10yrs will any of this B.S. even matter and if the answer is NO, then keep doing you. I would caution to be careful about opening up too soon in a relationship, wait until you really learn a person, now this one I have had to learn the hard way.

  3. To be honest, I don’t care what people say about me. The best thing to do is to just keep quiet as possible. I don’t care what no one says, down dudes always want to out other down dudes. It’s no way around it. Straight people will tell everyone about you in a heartbeat. That’s why the only people who know about me are my friends who get down. I even lied to them at first, but shortly after I told them. LOL

  4. ^this is why i don’t fuck with certain people.
    as sexy as they are,
    they all run their mouth.
    i realized a long time ago that the less you say the better.

  5. I used to be an open book but these days I am private… esp around other gays. I agree with you about ‘Jayonce’ Since day one, they were always private and I admire that. It seems like everybody want to be the Kim/Kanye of the bunch. Put all of their business in the streets and then get paid when people talk.

    As you get older, you learn to just keep your mouth shut.

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