The New Elmo Accuser Is Revealed And…

wait for it.
wait for it.

his name is cecil singleton.




……………….. hm.

16 thoughts on “The New Elmo Accuser Is Revealed And…

  1. Four days after the initial allegation was brought against Kevin Clash by Sheldon Stephens, Stephens sat down and spoke with 360 Magazine concerning the allege crime. In this first hand interview, Stephens describe the nature of their relationship, and how it all began. I encourage you to watch the interview.

      1. His recant of his previous recantation is evident that the motives have changed in the story, and ultimately, he wants additional monies. When the first initial settlement was created, it was for $125,000.00, and he was set to accept that offer, but once he found out that a second claim was about to be made public and demanding $5,000,000.00; it made him feel his claim while validated by Clash, to be of lesser value. So now he wants to protect his name, but I think in actuality he caused more damage than good.

  2. This is starting to turn into Bishop Long 2.0…so he’s into Chi Chi Rodriguez from ‘Too Wong Foo’?

  3. Queens need diamonds too. But he seems to like underage meat and like them fem which nothing wrong with other than the underage part he is fine and messing with these light bright stunt queens smh. He got what was coming for him whats done in the dark comes to the light.

  4. WTF are you kidding, this shit needs to stop, these queens are getting out of hand. First of all, why in the hell is your hot ass on a chat line and where is it acceptable for a 15year old to chat with a grown ass man, and go out with them. I thank God for those little things called Parents who were involved and monitored my every move. If it was so traumatic you would not be waiting to try to get paid all these years later, you would have been done reported this. Bitch have a seat. Not excusing Mr. Clash for liking young tail, but clearly this queen is trying to stick this older queens for his coins. This queen went along willingly and needs to charge it to the game.

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