the couple that does onlyfans together makes bank together (safaree and erica mena)

so i want to say congratulations to safaree and erica mena.
with every single one of our help during this pandemic,
we have continued to give them a nice living off mid content.
we should be so proud ourselves!
while going at it with khia on social media…


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#PressPlay: Both #Safaree and #EricaMena created #OnlyFans accounts and #Khia had some things to get off her chest about it 👀👀

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safaree and erica posted how much they made so far doing onlyfans.
foxhole via the neighborhood talk“…


their combined rounded up total is:


the saying “you won’t see that kind of money in a lifetime” doesn’t apply to the onlyfans era.
i see why many are rushing into doing sex work these days.
even if they’re prudes,
folks want to buy houses and lear jets out here.
the problem is…

Some of you aren’t secure enough to go hard.

if you want to make that money,
you gotta be naked and innovative.
you can drop a sex tape or jack off,
but what makes yours so different to keep subscribing?
can you maintain a level of interest past 3 months?
many go down this onlyfans and folks end up getting bored.

Does Demetrius Jenkins even do Onlyfans anymore?

now that everyone wants to be on “demon time”,
i can’t wait to see who launches an onlyfans next.
i hope i’m entertained.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “the couple that does onlyfans together makes bank together (safaree and erica mena)”

  1. Well somebody might wanna tell Kennedy Moore that cause he went batshit crazy over Kellye making an OnlyFans and straight broke up with her. But lowkey rachet I would pay to see his stroke game cause he look like he gotta BIG OLE BLACK COUNTRY SCHLONG swinging low.

  2. Khia is a literally flaming dumpster.

    That said, I would think that maybe having a child would make them shy away from the sex work, stripping or whatever bullshit they’ve posted on onlyfans, but as others have said, it’s their choice.

    The more I see of Safaree, the less I get the hype. He’s got a big dick, but his aura is kinda corny, so I’m like meh. I might be more moved if I saw him going balls deep in some pussy or ass, but for now I’m not intrigued.

  3. I don’t feel bad for this bucktoothed, homophobic, transphobic hater.

    So Excited is a classic. So is My Neck, My Back.

    But she has such a nasty attitude and is mad nobody would pay to see her.

  4. I feel like people pick and choose when they want to be for here for onlyfans. One minute somebody is drooling and in the same breath condemning it. What people choose to do with their bodies is their business. Though I’d never do it, I don’t look down on anyone who does. In fact, I think it’s a much safer concept then legitimate prostitution and porn. No random hookups with strangers/sickos. Shooting scenes with people who frequently have sex but don’t get tested. It’s a win/win for the provocative people who are bold enough to sell sex, just alot less risky.

  5. Those amounts never impress me because 1. To even see an amount similar you need to have a huge following 2. It’s not sustainable, people are not gonna wanna see you past a year if u even make it that long 3. I wanna see what happens at TAX TIME cause baby that NET pay is what ONLY FANS takes, I wanna see how much UNCLE SAM TAKES!!!!! 👀 something’s tells me there’s gonna be a lotta “onlyfans” folk Lyin on they taxes next year

  6. How is chicklet teeth, dusty house, stink breath, one hit wonder, Trina obsessed, failed rapper, ‘87 Astro van driving Khia trying to call someone broke!? I absolutely hate her!

  7. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Some people will do anything to make a coin, but hey, why not?? You have gullible people that pay to see it.

  8. To each his own. If Erica and Safarre are cool with it . Me, or anyone I am involved with ,would never ,ever do “Sex Work” of any type. My definition of “Intimacy ” is keeping it between the 2 of us! No cameras, no fans , no threesomes. Call me prude ,but its a turnoff and kinda ” scummy”.

    I enjoy porn ,but would never date, or desire to engage in sex with porn stars, stripper, Attentionista, escort etc,,Mentally I would stay limp. If my child wanted to do it I would try to talk them out of it ,but would love them and accept the choice they made.

  9. Khia has a slight edge. On one hand, my past views of sex work label it as uncouth. I at least teased the idea of doing it for fun, my bf would cuss me out.

    I myself don’t need the money but at the same time they make it appear as an easy way to earn. However, anyone with any business sense knows you need a secure fanbase before doing anything like that. It’s so saturated with wannabe “entertainers” it has turned into a GoFundMe for the Talentless Act vs the teasingly already popular sensation.

    It’s like being in a room with two incompetent prostitutes who say they will suck your dick in ways you’ve never imagined…instead, one of them has a weak mouth and the other one just gives you a dry hand job.

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