no blacks or “angry gorillas” allowed (and the white gay was dragged mercilessly for it)

some white gays are not attraced to black gays.
preference is one thing; racist bullshit is another.
this black gay male got rejected by a white gay male on grindr.
it was how he was rejected that went viral on twitter.
peep the expose

his screen name is really interesting to me.

“No More Mr. Nice Guy”

…but he became a full blown asshole.
it seems like he got hurt and uses being nasty as a defense mechanism.
most proclaimed “nice guys” do this.
i mean look at all his “rules” on his grindr profile:

these folks wonder why they are single.
who wants to deal with that shit?
i bet all those rules would fall out the window if “this” sent him a message:

people are asking why the black gay would even hit up him up anyway.
folks on twitter are saying “no more mr. nice guy” is ugly,
but i would classify his looks as a strong “medium ugly.
i just heard that term the other day and it sent me.
this is a definition of it:

that jackal isn’t humble and has a really ugly spirit.
how you gonna font that you aren’t into blacks,
but “you people are not attractive“?
why are you gorillas so angry?


either you are getting the racist white gay,
pandering white gay,
or the “i eat bbc for breakfast, lunch, and dinner” white gay.
the “in-between” white gay is really hard to find.
it can be a toss up,
but black gays need to understand they won’t always be welcomed.
 because this went viral,
 no more mr. nice guy got fired.
his job sent a dm:

 watching racist hyenas and jackals get banished always aligns my chakras.

33 thoughts on “no blacks or “angry gorillas” allowed (and the white gay was dragged mercilessly for it)

  1. What to me is even sadder thst there are Black men that would crave his attention, even knowing how he feels about them.

  2. There are a lot of Black gay men that are into white men and think of themselves as better than other Black gay men so they hit up the profiles with white only ecetera thinking they can change the person’s mind because they are a “Special Black”. When that doesn’t work out and the white guy let’s Ms. I’m not like them know she is fact like them and not her “preference” they can’t take it and then wants those “other Blacks” to have her back and go after the white guy. No thanks. You keep being that special Snow Queen on your own that would kill herself if all the white men on Earth disappeared. Keep it moving heaux.

  3. That white (or is he Latino?) kat is ugly and an asshole. Nonetheless, he made it clear that he’s not attracted to black men and that’s his constitutional right. Why would you hit the dude up when he made it very clear for you that he wouldn’t want your black ass?

    This shit is so pathetic and has the ugliest, dustiest, nastiest white men thinking they’re prizes that are entitled to any black “cock” they want. They know that a lot of black men are thirsty and self-hating and would do anything to be with something white, even if it looks like a sack of mashed potatoes. Some of them even take exception when you reject them.

    The black men who only like white men – I always want to ask them, “would you date someone who looked exactly like you? If not, why do you expect Chad, Brendan and Jake to? When they reject you, why can’t you just move on? Why does your desperation make you lean into the BBC stereotype? Don’t you have anything to offer someone other your “cock”?

  4. If you click on the Twitter links above you’ll see that Kristoffer Infante, who rejected the brother

    1) is not “white”
    2) is a white-passing (sometimes) Latino
    3) is racist beyond the anti-Black racist comments (including “Gorillas”), with a comment about Chinese people (re: bats, etc.) on his IG, etc.
    4) doesn’t even look “white” all the time and even has an Afro (!) in some of his photos.
    5) played a white overseer in a play about Harriet Tubman and was praised for his “scary” acting, etc.

    He is clearly a white-wannabe tragic Latino, and the greater tragedy is that that Black man wasted time and energy (and his desire) on that creature.

    Look, white supremacy and anti-Black racism are real, go beyond interpersonal relationships and saturate this entire society. They also are fostered and maintained not only by white people but by other POCs, like Infante and other Latinos, Asian Ameriicans, and far too many Black people (cf. Stacy Dash, etc.) as well, all in the service of championing and sustaining whiteness, white power, etc. I hope this young brother and others learn to love themselves more and just swipe no thanks when they encounter MFs like this person instead of hoping for and craving white love, validation and acceptance.

    I’ll repeat Joseph Beam’s famous statement which is as applicable in 2020 as it was when he first wrote it: “Black men loving Black men is the revolutionary action of the 80s.” Marlon Riggs made a famous film about this too.

    1. Thanks for this comment. I read elsewhere that Infante is Cuban, and that many Floridian Latinos, like him, are racist and obsessed with being perceived as White. Meanwhile Florida is full of beautiful Jamaican, Haitian, and Dominican men.

  5. Also, the black dude is as equally trash for having little to nonexistent self-esteem/self-worth. Bruh, you should have just blocked him after you read his profile (which was after you messaged him the first time) and pooched your ass on. But noooo, like a crack-addict, you choose to go to desperate lengths to get your fix of white validation. Then have the audacity to feel some type about this basic Brad. What a clown ass nigga…

  6. Wait…that’s what he actually looks like?! Damn, I thought he was trying to be funny and had the old age filter on in that pic….

  7. Come on my brothers, THIS got y’all upset??? If someone with a MENTAL DISABILITY called you stupid, WOULD you be offended? if someone on a street corner called you broke, WOULD you be offended? So why In the HELL is anyone offended that this uninteresting looking man thinks Black folk are unattractive?! LMBAO!!! I mean SERIOUSLY, stop tilting your crown for this bullshit, a white man Could NEVA have me in my feelings, baby I’m too busy looking at the John Gaines of the world, or any Other FINE ass black man that’s been posted on here, I literally forget white men are a “thing”

  8. Can someone create a gay app for Black and Latino men because bgclive is extinct. He has a whole pornstache on his face calling someone ugly lmaooo. Grindr is not for Black Men. Most of there only want BBC as a fetish. They’ll fuck you but dont give a fuck about you. Also Grindr is loaded with weirdos and douchebags. Meanwhile many of the Black gay Men dont like Black Men.

    1. OMG! Malf#$&com! I thought something was wrong with me, as I get rejected by black men on Grindr all the time!
      I’m in a predominantly “pink city” the black guys here live for the white man.
      I thought something was wrong with me until someone told me that as a black man who prefers dating other black men, I was on the wrong app!
      That’s when it all starting making sense to me.

    2. Adam4adam seems to be majority black and Latino. Jack’d seems to be majority black.

  9. He should be humbled to receive ANY message looking like that.. LOL

    I’m still lost as to why the black guy messaged him in the first place… It’s pointless to “bait” people like that, a troll is a troll. If I see a bunch of “restrictions” on ANY guy’s profile, I generally steer clear. It’s never that deep when you’re just looking to hook up.

    Also if I see that a guy has a preference for anything that I don’t fall under, I don’t bother anyway. I tend to ignore them when they message me too, I won’t be your experiment.

    I try not to get offended at preferences because you like what you like and telling somebody to expand there horizons just to make you comfortable won’t change anything shrug

  10. I doubt the black guy read the profile. Hardly anyone reads the profile if it’s long.

    I agree the white guy is racist, but it’s his right. He can be as racist as he wants. It’s a free country. The black should have just walked away instead of being in his feelings after seeing the “vanilla” comment.

    The white guy shouldn’t have taken the bait, he showed his true colors and it cost him his job.

    Sometimes people don’t want you, and thats ok, just keep it moving. Eventually someone will.

  11. The white guy isn’t ugly. He just has an “outdated” look. Trim the mustache and slick back the hair or he can just get a nice shape up. He actually doesn’t look that bad to be hitting 40. He so close to the camera it’s exaggerating his features.

    Who signs up for a dating app without a reading a profile first anyways? This sounds like a forced and contrived plan.

    “Some” of his rules are concise and to the point for the gay app he is on. Some men can be exceedingly annoying on these apps. If you send someone a message and they don’t respond after some time they are likely not interested. Some men however, will keep sending messages repeatedly. I think it’s always good to be blunt but on those gay apps, putting it in the profile keeps dudes from spamming or thinking, “What if he didn’t get the first three messages I sent him?” If you ignore what’s in the profile don’t be surprised if you get blocked.

    The majority of his stuff is just blunt but a bit condescending, however, quite a few gays think the same way he does… I can guarantee that if their favorite chiseled daddy put on a dress and a wig they’d loose interest in him quick. And don’t let a bottom find out a muscled man a power bottom…that’s a straight up conflict of interest.

    I don’t know what “woofing” is but the way he uses it in the rules comes off kinda obtuse.

    I prefer cut penis but I wouldn’t turn a guy down who I got to know and then found out he was uncut.

    He crazy about the foreign part. I love foreign accents.

    The comment about the gorillas was rude. I don’t find the white guy that unattractive but he is racist which was evident by his third reply before he even mentioned gorillas. “You people” is what a Royal would say to “lowly things” so his ego up like the sun.

    I would have stopped messaging after the first reply. I ain’t bout to go back and forth with someone I don’t know or care to know, especially if it’s not face to face. After I’ve said what I said, I lose interest and move on and ignore everything else… not bothered.

    In any case, both Blacks and Whites can be and frequently are racist toward each other. Calling Blacks gorilla and referring to Whites as Mayonnaise on Twitter or whatever, is all still racist either way.

    Maybe they’ll get it together one of these days? Maybe….even if it has been going on for over a century.

    1. He is not “white” or “Yt,” he is a Latinx from Florida, it seems, and in some of his pictures you can see his African features (nose, lips, etc.) much more clearly. This wannabe “Yt” ain’t, which his probably why he’s jonesing for “vanilla.” Yt proximity to Yt supremacy is a MF!

  12. Prior to the guys showing his colors, why was the black guy offended that his profile said his preference was for other white guys? Offended by referring to him as racist ( due to the profile preference it seems) prior to the disdainful comments that followed

  13. Medium ugly?? No, Jamari, he’s UGLY. Quit sugarcoating it. Judging by his profile name he’s been turned down so much that he has to now turn ppl down in an even worser way lol he’ll be alright!

      1. Instances like this is why I cannot get behind the notion of people equating the Civil Rights movement of the 50s to the Gay Rights Movement. When you are gay and seeking equal rights as a gay person because of being attracted to the same sex, why would you then discriminate against another person seeking equal rights just because of the color of their skin? It is not the same fight, imo.

  14. LMAO… He’s the LARGE UGLY version of Adolph Hitler- look at the fucker- a true Trumpian asshole- don’t know why Black men would even look at his profile much less contact him. Serve his ass right- co find another job, which i am sure he will…..NEXT

  15. Double yikes 😬, but that’s good for him 👏 So sick of these racist assholes that populate our planet. And lmfaooooooooo, yo, who Lovely Bones think he is? 😂😂😂 You would’ve thought he got royalty dick or something. Boy bye. Grind on your new resume ✌️

  16. Lets talk about energy in some of these dating profiles. Before I deleted all of those pointless apps, I noticed that quite a few of the profiles have restrictions on what they don’t want and it comes off snarky and rude. If you have all of those restrictions to just hook up, maybe you should be beating ya meat or whatever you gonna do. It pushes people away from you as if you already have an electric wall around your profile. When I used to see profiles like that, no matter the race, I would roll my eyes and move along. Why didn’t ole boy? Why would you hit up a profile that said specifically “whites only”?

    I honestly believe he hit him up, knowing that LongJaw may react negatively, and then dragged it out and then posted it up. LongJaw took the bait and got dragged, but people are starting to question why you would even hit up a profile that said “whites only”? Had to ask 2x. Some of allyuh love to sniff behind these white boy asses. Love it. Stop tryna make people like you that don’t see u beyond your dick or what you can do for them in the bedroom. And stop posting these reactions looking for sympathy when the tell tale signs that you chose to ignore were clearly there at the start. It’s very DW voice “This doesn’t apply to me because I can’t read!”

    Do better black men.

      you advance to the next level.

      i guess he thought he could try his luck.
      some profiles stay having all those rules until the meat of their dreams hits them up.

      so is the white jackal wrong in this scenario?
      even tho it revealed he is racist,
      is the black gay wrong as well?

      1. Well to be fair for the black guy, we don’t know exactly the full bts with him. Now while it is for sure entirely possible he planned this movie scene, it’s also quite possible he didn’t realize what the guy was really about until taking a further look at his profile. Either way Lovely Bones is wrong because he’s directly insulting the black populace as a whole with a very racial slur. The “gorillas” part is what got him caught up.

      2. They both wrong! There is a way to speak to someone without hurting their feelings or being nasty, but because this is the internet and you can’t directly see who you’re talking to, people feel as if people can’t or shouldn’t take the things said to heart and that’s just not true. People are typing and expressing themselves and have feelings and opinions. The black guy was wrong because I really feel like he did it because maybe he knew LongJaw would react like that. Maybe he was hoping for it. They’re both getting clowned and rightfully so, albeit for diff reasons.

        Imma say another thing. We can’t champion every cause out here on the internet. You gotta handle your own shit sometimes without posting for validation or to doxx someone. If you REALLY wanna get technical, you not supposed to be having sex during the quarantine anyway lol.

  17. And the mf ain’t even cute or nothing. White privilege at it’s finest. I swear some of us really need to get our self-hate issues under control cause chasing “them” ain’t gonna bring you nothing but heartache, depression and obsession if you truly don’t love your own kind. And black men are literally the finest men in the world, but nvm…I’ll leave it alone. Smh.

      1. Jamari, I already know his basic ass couldn’t even handle you if you gave him the time of day, but you too cute to mess with uglies like him.

        1. ^lmao listennnnnnnnn,
          his profile would have turned me tf off.
          that shit isn’t attractive at all.

          i’ve been hurt by medium ugly to ugly pineapples in my past tho.
          sometimes they are so fucked up,
          they become charming and know how to play with folks emotions.
          gotta watch out for those types

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