safaree finally served the full jamaican beef patty on his onlyfans?

*the following entry is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.
lots of sex talk so if you can’t handle that,
wait for another entry.

nothing better than a jamaican beef patty in the morning.
island males can definitely hit the spot.
safaree and his jamaican beef patty looks like it can hit every spot,
but i was confused why folks were paying 20 dollars on onlyfans for:

no sale.
well safaree decided to stop teasing and give us the beef patty in full view…


i’m not gonna hold you and i know we’ve discussed this before but…

That’s a really big beef patty

i can just imagine that destroying a pussy.
like when if safaree ever said to me that he beat the pussy up,
i would legit believe it.
like how do you feast on that kind of beef patty every week?
we fucked today and we won’t fuck until 3 months.
God forbid he’s the type that likes to pound you into the mattress.
listen i applaud erica mena because…
i couldn’t and wouldn’t.
some dicks just need to be admired from afar,
like a museum.
this is why i only do average size pipes.
i love my butt cheeks too much.

low-key: now i see why some of these vixens get caught up.
island men will fuck their brains out for that green card and dip!

head over to safaree onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “safaree finally served the full jamaican beef patty on his onlyfans?”

    1. Look some of us American born brothers have had to do the same thing to get some bills paid. Especially when you learn the power of it.

  1. Safaree is definitely large,, but Ca$h Out is much more impressive 🤷🏽‍♂️ He truly has a monster. Plus Safaree’s new toy is a total exaggeration of his true size

  2. Yasssss Safaree! He could very easily get it. Whew Chile. Erica Mena gotta be having the time of her life in that bedroom 👏

    1. It has, though I think only in still photos. Big, thick and uncut, nice. I’m sure Erica ain’t complaining, especially now that she got a baby out of him!

  3. To each his own. I personally don’t like huge dicks. I like to enjoy sex not worry about being in the ER because of it. Plus my ass is too nice to be destroyed.

    1. Big dicks are nice to play with, but medium size is a lot easier to handle on the regular lol

  4. Cum on guys stop being afraid of the beef patty…the bigger the better 😋
    Like I say if it’s not 9 or better see yah! ✌

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