The Best Sex Given To A Fox (2)

Star Fox Continues Where He Left Off…

We proceeded to the bedroom and took off our clothes piece by piece on opposite sides of the bed, sending messages of built up desire into the atmosphere. He lays his lean caramel delicious body on the bed as I found my way to his impeccably designed dick! I started to give him straight oral pleasures and had only one goal in mind:

Make this nigga shake!

After a few Ohs, Ahs, and Damns… he asked me if I was ready for that dick. Without saying a word, I assumed the given position. He slowly slipped in making sure I opened up to every inch! The strokes came harder and grew with intensity by the second! As the erotic pleasures progressed, my finger tips found themselves gripping tighter and tighter to the pillow. I felt him slip out and he slapped my ass to signal the change in position. I found myself on my back looking up at his delicious body…


He quickly found his groove and got right into it. At this point it was sooooooo fucking good and I thought it couldn’t get any better! All of a sudden he gasped and said:

“Damn boy… That pussy so good… I didn’t wanna bust yet! Shit! What are you doing to me!” “Hell naw! I’m not done! You ready for more?!”


He instructed me to grab his perfectly shaped nipples that were positioned seductively on the lower region of his beautifully sculpted pecs!

“Keep Daddy hard Baby” He said…

Then he demanded me to stay completely still and not move an inch.

“You feel that?” He asked.

Within a split second, I felt this vibrating pulse coming through his dick, into my ass, and through my entire body… Sending me into this atmosphere full of tantalizing gasp!

“How in the hell is this nigga doing this?!” I asked myself.
“Baby that’s me massaging the pussy!” It was like he read my mind….

OMG… it was nothing like I’ve ever felt before! He started to get really verbal and that made my body enter a place that I felt no one else in the world could step foot in!

“Open your eyes! Don’t close them unless I tell you to!” he commanded…

“I want something to remember all day tomorrow”

He then started to thrust his dick so deep inside me! I started to close my eyes in disobedience but I couldn’t help it!

“NO! NO!
Open ya eyes!
What did Daddy tell you?!
Keep ya eyes open!
Look into my eyes!”

The thrusting continued and this time I obeyed his very command and the reward was AMAZING!!!!!!

“That’s what I want! I wanna remember that face!”

He then proceeded to tell me that anytime I wanted it all I had to do was call Daddy and tell him I need a fix!

*And I planned on taking him up on that offer!*

“Baby, you know what’s next?” he said…

To Be Continued…

Author: jamari fox

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  1. Damn did i just read a piece out of some sci fi movie? Dick pulsating in your body? Oh that wolf must be an alien cause that truly is sex from another dimension. Beam me up scotty lol

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