The Best Sex Ever Given To A Fox (1)


On Jamari’s end:

I was afraid.
This was in like 2009.
I did not know what was going on.
I told this fool to call me ASAP.
It was an hour passed 1am.

Star Fox was in ATL visiting for a little while.
He was horny and was in need of a fix.
He got on BGC and A4A and was looking for the perfect one nighter.
It was a Sunday night, I had work the next day, and I was tired.
I was contemplating calling the police but I didn’t know where he was staying.

What if he got killed…
What if he was getting killed…
What if he was in the process of about to be getting killed?...

On Star Fox’s end (told in his own words):

It was a Sunday night and I had this sudden urge to find a tool to work out some of the kinks built up inside me. The whole hook-up thing was not familiar to me at all! All the sexual partners I’ve had in the past had been boyfriends or objects of interest. But this night I came out of my shell and desired some mysterious love! So, I sat there talking to JF via phone and browsing two popular sites, hoping to come across somebody that would make me want to spread him on a silver plate and indulge in every inch of his body. After a few unsuccessful messages I decided to just chalk it up as a lost and sip my Merlot for the night! But I  decided to continue browsing the men of the net. I came across this very interesting picture and clicked it to view the profile. I enjoyed viewing the picture, but thought nothing would come of me sending him a message, so I didn’t. I’m sitting there joking around on the phone and noticed I had 2 new messages. So I clicked the message tab and saw that the man behind that interesting picture had sent me a message. I WAS FLOORED… COMPLETELY SURPRISED!!!!! The message came off very cordial and upfront. After a little back and forth convo. I asked if he had a face picture available for my viewing. (HONESTLY I WAS TRYING TO FEEL THE DUDE OUT BEFORE ALLOWING HIM TO TAKE HEED TO MY INVITATION!) I waited for his response and didn’t receive a thing. With JF still on the phone, I expressed to him that not showing a face picture before meeting someone was a tad bit sketchy to me!

After about 20 minutes I got a phone call from him. He had apologized for the gap of time between his responses. We decided to further our plans of meeting up. Mind you, it was well into booty call hours so you know it was straight to the bed we go! Once he said that he was on his way I was ready for action. I quickly got off the phone and started my cleaning regiment (cuz I def don’t play when it comes to being clean and pleasing a nigga!). I did my lil thing, jumped in the shower, and rubbed my body down with a combination of baby oil, cocoa butter, and an irresistible oil fragrance. The phone rings and I quickly noticed the un-saved number… I answered and he told me he was downstairs. I proceeded to get dressed and go down to let him in. At this point, I was hoping he was attractive and worth doing! I opened the main door and saw this beautiful luxury car sitting on a beautiful set of rims! I walked up to the car as he unlocked the door and climbed in. I was shocked to see this well-groomed sexy caramel dipped gentleman sitting to the left of me! After exchanging glances, I invited him upstairs to the apartment, where we could begin our adventure!…

To Be Continued…

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