How To Crush Your Crush

Crushes are meant to be crushed.

Yup and I’ll tell you why…

When you see someone over a period of time,
and something about them draws you to them,
a “crush” is formed.
It could be a small attraction that lasts a few weeks,
or it could develop into “infatuation” that can last years.
You begin to imagine what this person would be like as your “man”.
You fantasize about them and turn into a mini-stalker.
Don’t worry, it is normal.
I’m not judging you because I have been there.

But always remember, this image of this person is just a fantasy.
This is NOT what would really happen if you dated them.
Most of the times, it just a prolonged lust.
You can enjoy your fantasies as much as you want,
as long as you realize that it is just a fantasy.

I have crushed on some of the BADDEST Wolves in the Wolf business.
You could not tell me I wasn’t going to get any of them.
But, after a while, I started to use my logical mind and see the real person.
More often than not, I was turned off and mad I wasted so much time.
I only saw that one person and never paid attention to other options.
Once I realized this, I move on from crushes pretty fast.

Also remember this:

God did not stop when he made fine dick and ass.
There are a lot more of that same image out there, waiting to be conquered.
Never fix your attention on one person because that is not healthy.
You may spend years obsessing over him and never have it come into fruition.

Besides that, someone out there is crushing on you.
Someone out there masturbates to the thought of you.
And you may not be for them.
I don’t make the rules but it always happens that way.

Always try to see the real person before the crush is formed.
I guarantee you will fall the hell out.

Just a word from the Foxhole.


8 thoughts on “How To Crush Your Crush

  1. I dunno i guess im different. To me there’s a difference between seeing someone often who you think is cute versus having a crush on someone. I see boys all the time who could get it. I imagine what we could be like together and write scripts to be put into a screen play that premiers in my head. But i don’t necessarily have a crush on but more so i just enjoy the fantasy of them.

    But then when i have a crush in someone, its often because we’ve had numerous points of contact and i’ve gotten to know them. I learn about their likes and dislikes and come to the conclusion that yeah, i think i could spend more time with you and not get annoyed. I think i just use the terminology differently. When i have a crush on someone i REALLY like you.

  2. This is TRUTH right here.
    Crushes NEVER live up to the fantasy.
    I can’t tell you how many times my crushes have faded after talking to them for five minutes and realizing they are not who I thought they would be.

    If only we could switch how a person looks on the outside with how they really are on the inside.

    1. ^^THANK YOU!
      I have had Vixens date a few crushes I had on straight Wolves and it was an EYE OPENER.

      New motto: “The package may look good from the outside,
      but so does a stink bomb”.

      1. Honestly I’ve noticed as I get older, crushes are few and far between. There used to be a time I’d crush on anything with a nice smile and banging body. Now I find myself crushing on people with certain qualities. Like the young father spending time with his son in matching outfits or the dude at the museum who explains his interpretation of the art so eloquently or the aggressive vixen.

        I think I’m getting a little deep. Lmao

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