That’s Right B*tch (Come and Get Some Of This Here Ass Whoopin’)

tumblr_mlh70eKYAv1rqgekjo2_500an f-bi was asking me if i watch married to medicine.
can’t say that ive watch the show,
but this rock em; sock em smack down…

tumblr_mcw4ov7sIU1rrzoiuthese chicks was boxing.
i’m mad mama was knocking ol girl upside her head.
isn’t this show about doctor’s wives????
i’m mad these married chicks cuttin up like this.
bravo is the new vh-1.

lowkey: this should be a hoodrat entry,
but i knocked off hoodrat points for the ball gowns.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “That’s Right B*tch (Come and Get Some Of This Here Ass Whoopin’)”

  1. I don’t care what no one says Toya whooped Mariah’s ass and it would’ve been worst had she not tripped over the chair. She def got in a few punches to the head while Mariah puller her hair

  2. Shieeettt goes to tell you that even in debonair I will sock a fucking nigga real quick … Bougie doesn’t mean you won’t take a fight out quick

  3. Lmao u can take a ho out the ghetto but that same ho gone tie her hair up and drag a botch. And in front the white people

  4. I live in the ATL, and I know of these women. They have less class than the Atlanta Housewives. When Nene Tugs Kim’s wig, it’s because she’s actually angry and it’s REAL. These broads just fakin.

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