The Fattest Ass You Will Probably See Today

tumblr_ml5iur4iYU1qbmwkbo1_500everyone claims they have biggest butt cheeks in the business.
um, maybe not.
everyone meet the fattest butt cheeks you will probably see today…

fatass_zpse60354a9meet barbie edwards.
she claims to shit on your booty butt cheeks favs in the game!

Barbie Edwards, 42, spent a fortune on food to get to have the world’s largest buttocks and she believes that not only has them but also her shape allows her to hold things as a tray.

To model it she spent 18,000 pounds (about 21,000 Euros) and spent six months making balances to keep trays of food and drink with his ass.

Barbie is proud with her ​​figure and expects the Guinness Book of Records include a new category, as ‘the largest sustaining buttocks’.

Barbie said, “I used to hate my hips and my ass, but since I modeled, changed the way I feel.”

She ensures receive hundreds of messages a day asking for pictures of her in lingerie and notes that “there is no single type of man who likes his butt, as they range from farmers to executives. They pay for the photos.”

She added, “I am healthy and happy that finally my unusual figure is held in place of criticism.” “I work hard and help my children with some extra money through my work as a model. Show other girls with big asses that can be sexy and successful. I’m like a big Kim Kardashian”.


barbie-edwards-2well the good news is,
she knows the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.
so she puts the food on that dump truck as a lure.

x check the front view

you are not ready for all that jelly!
her husband better be a horse dick black wolf.

tumblr_mb3j6uhfon1ruz6zso1_500anything less than 12 inches and you are disqualified.

x she needs this tool in her life.

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  1. Need to stop telling these fat hos that its okay to be big as hell. No. It’s not. There’s nothing healthy about having all that damn weight on you. Heart gaspin’ for air.

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