I Hit It From Behind

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.51.53 PMhmm.
so he is still making this happen, huh?
he has a video coming out for his new track,
“i hit it first”.
i forgot all about it,
but ray j is gonna keep on reminding me
with behind the scenes footage from the video shoot…

i’d rather see another sex tape from ray j.
he needs to go where his talent is: fucking.

tumblr_mdgj79bVuz1rea86go1_500there is a whole other side to that sex tape no one saw.
it’s pretty good

x  ) x  )

well from him.
she was a squealing mess.
they say this song is “the song of the summer”.
do you believe it?

4 thoughts on “I Hit It From Behind

  1. The song is wack!
    The lyrics are wack, the beat is wack, and Ray J is wack!
    Can we get a King Bey single for the summer??!!??!!??

  2. would someone tag this loser from behind and put us all out of our mistery of ever hearing from him ever again

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