Taylor Swift Does Something We All Saw Coming

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 7.33.38 PMwho didn’t see this coming?
when ever you rushing into something so fast,
it is bound to fail.
they started out kissing on some rock.
suddenly after,
tom is meeting mommy.
taylor needs to slow all the way down.
hell get out the damn car.
her virginal body count is rising.

lowkey: he better prepare to have his name slandered in a song.

screen grab taken: people magazine

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Does Something We All Saw Coming”

  1. She dates how 20 year old woman should date. She’s not out here popping out kids or getting dickmatized and letting it mess with her money.

    Notice when she moves on she never goes back.

    Be like Taylor.

      1. Not stanning just telling the truth.

        Notice she never stays single for long, despite the fact dudes know she might blast them in a song.

        Meanwhile a lot of us been spend our twenties crushing and running after the same one or two people and only been in one relationship if that.

        She has the right idea.

        1. ^taylor has the right idea because this could be all pr.
          taylor swift is allegedly rumored to like cat sammiches.
          see karlie kloss.
          she may have the right idea,
          but it could be all a story to keep her interesting.
          i like taylor,
          but if this was any other female in the industry,
          she would be called a hoe with the quickness.
          let’s not act like others aren’t doing what she does.
          plenty of vixens date,
          have moved on,
          and got labeled because of it.

          plus how she did calvin harris was kinda wrong.
          it seems her karma came back to her with this one.

          just my thoughts.
          if im wrong,
          ill gladly be corrected.

      2. And does it matter what people would say about the other vixens? Besides, you’re trying to call her a hoe on the low Jamari lol. Lets talk about the fact that we wouldn’t be counting a male artist’s partners. I agree with Jay completely on this one.

    1. “Meanwhile a lot of us been spend our twenties crushing and running after the same one or two people and only been in one relationship if that.”

      Tell it Jay

    2. I agree. We can joke, clown her and call her a snake but she doesn’t have a “baby daddy” and she making money off these dudes with her talent.

  2. Only women with no discernible talent or means to support themselves would be called hoes.

    Yes, if a rapper or athlete is flying you out and paying for everything so they can have pussy on demand and they NEVER claim you publicly you are a hoe. Lol

    These dudes claim Taylor. Hold her hand in public, don’t make her walk behind them or leave separately. If you ask them if they were in a relationship with her they would likely say yes.

    I don’t see her being into men either but apparently she keeps bagging them.

    If this were a publicity stunt she would choose celebrities with higher profile. Calvin Harris and Loki from The Avengers? Meh.

    All I’m saying is you get a better idea of what you want in a partner by dating a variety of people, rather than pining for the same dude or same type for 5-10 years.

    She uses the women for publicity lol

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