So A Nice Coat of Wet Throat Can Kill You Now. Great.

a lot of people are about to really feel it from this new STD on the market…

It appears that there is a new STD that is killing men and its related to oral sex.  The Human papillomavirus (HPV) was once believed to have no effect on men, but it’s now found to be harmful to men as well as well as women.  In fact, giving someone unprotected oral s*x or receiving it from them if they are infected can seriously jeopardize your health.  A new study has found a rapid increase in the number of throat and neck cancers over the last 12 years, with thousands of new cases occurring every single year. discusses the issue in more detail, noting that throat, mouth and neck cancers were once caused by tobacco use.  But although the use of tobacco has declined, the rates of certain cancers related to HPV have been on the rise.  The rate of STD infection is even greater in the black community, where a lower marital rate has led to an increase in the number of sex partners.  One researcher at a major university told YBW that he randomly tested 20 men in a barbershop and found that half of them were infected with Chlamydia without even knowing it.

According to the Journal of Clinical Oncology, over 11,000 cases of cervical cancer will be diagnosed this year, but the number has been declining.  Women regularly get Pap Smears, but men are less likely to go to the doctor.  As a result, the number of HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer cases will rise to 8,700, with 7,400 of those cases in men.  The disease then festers within the mouth and throat of the victim, causing cancerous sores to emerge for those who are undiagnosed. discusses the epidemic in more detail.  Get tested.


they don’t want me to have anyone even touch my shoulder nowadays.
the world is steady on the decline.
soon from now,
sexual activity is going to wiped out completely.
you can’t even give someone some head without getting a lump in your throat.


i couldn’t resist.

those condoms i’m giving away in that contest look mighty tempting right now, huh?

you should try one.

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21 thoughts on “So A Nice Coat of Wet Throat Can Kill You Now. Great.”

  1. That’s disgusting. Randomly tested 20 men in the barbershop and half of them had something!? That REALLY scares me. Too many dudes out there not getting tested due to their ego and not giving a fuck.

    1. Ego, fresh out of fucks, and I’d add lack of access to quality healthcare.

      Can’t forget lack of education and shame/stigma about disease and sexuality.

      Too many of us are out here dying from preventable diseases because of shame.

  2. What’s next, airborne HIV? Sexually transmitted ebola?
    HPV usually results in warts sooner or anal cancer later depending on the strand of virus and site of infection. Viruses are getting stronger and smarter quicker than usual.
    Condoms might not be as effective either cause the site of infection could look normal or confused for something innocuous like a razor bump or heat rash on the places you can actually see.

    Hard to see ( and know what you’re looking for) inside someone’s anus, deep inside their vagina, or down deep in their throat. HPV loves mucus membranes.


  3. if you guys are going to do anything,
    just be safe.
    life is a risk.
    normal everyday things we do can kill us.
    just use your brain and think before you do anything stupid.

    when your adrenaline is pumping,
    it blocks your good judgement.
    learn to control it and you will be fine.

    1. LMAO…. I can now breathe a sigh of relief. Thank god I’m not the only one who feels his way. I can’t imagine giving head to a dude if he’s wearing a condom.

  4. quick story! lol

    so trust me.
    nothing beats sucking on a dick until you get to it’s creamy center.
    i love the taste of raw dick like anyone else.

    this lady i know of.
    (think i told this story before)
    she decided to give her husband some mean throat.
    couple days later,
    she had some kind of infection.
    massive sore throat.
    couldn’t speak,
    and all kinds of issues.
    ended up getting gonorrhea in her throat.
    he blamed her for cheating on him.
    well cum to find out,
    her husband fucked some dude raw and when she gave him head,
    he had shit particles still on his dick.

    before anyone says “well he should have washed it off!”
    or, “you have to wash your dick off before i put it in my mouth.”
    who does that or who thinks of that when some fine wolf is in front your face with his pants around his ankles?

    so all i’m saying is when you are bobblin for balls,
    make sure you aren’t sucking on a shit cannon.
    i don’t give random head all like that anyway,
    but the last few times,
    a condom was on the dicks of these “?” i let in my crib.
    i’m glad i did because they all were off chat sites and one nighters.

    1. OMFG. SHIT STILL ON HIS DICK? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I believe in showering before and after sex, even with oral. I would never let someone go down on me if I haven’t showered in at least 8hrs, and going down on them either. I ain’t fucking nobody until I know that they are clean too. Emmanuel Sanders could be in front of me one night naked, but he’s taking a shower first or bet yet we can take on together lol

      1. And use soap on that dick, none of that body wash bullshit. lol

        Musty dicks smelling like sour cream.

        Imma need some Lever 2000, Irish Spring, or Zest on the genitalia.

        Funk equals bacteria.

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