Your 46th Thought…. (46)

this one is a little… bad.
jusssst a little.
he knocked on the pleasure hole because he was lost and in need of a home..
i didn’t want to put this wolf all on the main site.
you know,

click on your own risk.




Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Your 46th Thought…. (46)”

  1. That’s an impressive piece – I’m not too much a fan of the face it’s attached to though…body is nice as well tho

  2. Very big dick. I remember the first time I took a big dick, he was mulatto but also mixed with Puerto Rican dancer. He was short like around 5’2 or 1 which was fine with me since I’m 5’3. We were over at his place and he wanted me to teach him some salsa so we got up and tried to dance, but when he hold my hands I got so hard and I was slurping my words then I accidentally told him that he was making me horny. He looked at me and said kiss me. I was like “What?” then he said “kiss me” again, so I did. And he pushed me to the couch while our lips were still touching and he lay on top of me. He start out kissing my neck which made me moan like crazy and I reach down to his ass then squeeze his sweet ass.
    He move his lips away and sat to unzip his shorts, and he pulled his dick out I was shocked and disbelief because he was HUGE and he had the vein popping out. He laugh because he said that the neighbor will hear me. I put his dick in my mouth and I was using my tongue to rub his head. While I was sucking, I couldn’t help but feel like damn his dick feels good in my mouth. It was weird because I never really like giving bj until he came.
    We went to his room and we took our clothes so fast. We were in a missionary position and when he put his dick in me, honey, it felt like I was giving birth but in rewind. I moan so loud because I am Latino that what we do, but also he was too big for me. He put some lube because first he used his spit on my hole, but that didn’t help. So he used the lube which made it a little easier then I change into a doggystye position and his dick was able to go inside deeper which really killed, but felt pleasurable at the same time. He was jerking me off, I don’t know but I get so ticklish when men touch me around my back and penis area.
    He grab this thing called popper so it would loosen me up a bit he said. And at times he would take off his condom because he said I was too tight and that my hole was going to rip the condom. In the end he kept the condom on and finally cum. And he was sweaty that his sweats was dripping onto my back. Then we got in the shower and cleaning each other up.

    It was really fun time and the best.

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