Romeo! Romeo! Where Thou Art… GatDamn.

Remember when Romeo use to look like this:

I’d probably would not give him the time of day either but…

This muthafucka now looks like this:

When did he sprout into this bean-stock of FIONE?????
Clearly I missed every fax from Foxes around the world.


So I happened to catch Dancing With The Stars last night
and BOY was I in for a surprise:


His body just says “I Am Trying To Be Fucked“.
My Foxes and Vixens know what I am talking about.
(I’ll touch on that meaning in another entry)




more Romeo visual eye-gasm goodness: CLICK HERE


Arms, chest, booty, lips, and abs….
I hope this dick is inspiring.
Either way: I’m a fan.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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