Chris Brown: Jamari Fox Has Some ADVICE For You.


I’m rooting for you.
I am.
But throwing a chair through a glass window at GMA???
Have you lost your ever loving blonde mind?
Alleged or not, I need to work some magic on your career.
Let’s have a quick pow wow in the Foxhole. …

When they ask you about “that red headed girl“,
answer the question and politely switch it back to you.
Do I need to teach you how to be witty?
Do I need to teach you how to have charisma?

It is not hard at all.
Right now, they got you looking like some thug.
They set a nice trap for you and you snapped.

The past will always be your present and future.
You will NEVER escape it.
Just accept it and move on to what is important.
That red headed girl forgave you.
Did you forgive you?
That is my main question.

Pay for the window,
stay off of Twitter for a century,
tell your girlfriend and her flunky to do the same,
grow up A-LOT,
and promote your album.


BTW – do something about the people you hang with.
Even Ray Charles can see they aren’t worth shit.
And #teamBREEZY are very delusional.
They seem like a-lot of “yes” people.
Try saying NO to them for once.

For my wonderful advice,
you can purchase me a pair of Supras.
Size 9 1/2.
Something fly and Breezy-like.


Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Chris Brown: Jamari Fox Has Some ADVICE For You.”

  1. huh. i keep continuing to support CB and then he does something like this?! why chris why? I understand you’re mad but what did throwing the chair really help accomplish? don’t worry, i’ll wait. keep ya head up boy.

    1. b.
      he really needs to slow down.
      maybe learn some woosah techniques.
      maybe even take that aggression out in some great sex.
      the boy needs add medication.

  2. Rooting for him? He is a monster. I don’t know what more proof you people need? Its like here he is, beat his g/f up, making threats to people on the internet, throwing shyt, temper tantrums, and breaking windows… and yet people are still standing around like… HANG IN THERE BUDDY!! Please. Don’t let his fame, skin tone, masculinity, and supposed looks keep you from seeing who he REALLY is. That boy is a monster.

    1. He’s a spoiled pretty-boy who has never been forced to take true personal responsibility for his actions; as are many celebrities, pro atheletes, and the like. He still hasn’t dealt with the root issues that caused this anger, and if he doesn’t, even more harm will be done.

      I’m not a fan, but I don’t yet consider him a monster — monstrous acts, yes, but not a monster…yet.

  3. It’s like we’re standing around waiting for him to one day stop this string of bad behavior and turn into prince charming. Or we’re waiting for him to kill someone for us to finally realize he is not worthy of our dollars and attention. I dont make excuses like “he has past issues he needs to deal with” in order to excuse someone’s poor behavior and continue on with my approval. When a guy REPEATEDLY shows me who he is… i can’t act like i didn’t know or like i didn’t see it coming. I realize i am in the minority on this.

    1. i’ll say this…

      rihanna forgave him.
      i did too.
      i was anti-chris because of the incident.
      am i stan? nope.
      will i buy his cd? didn’t like it.
      i do not want to see the boy be shit and casted away into oblivion.
      he is pretty talented but these antics got to stop.
      he has SERIOUS anger issues but i feel he is frustrated and painfully insecure.
      he is a grown ass man now but he needs to work on this anger.

      i also need these idiots in the industry to stop babying him and give him the real.

  4. also, he made a point about charlie sheen.
    charlie sheen is whiter than a snowy day in december.
    he could blow up half of the united states,
    cry on tv,
    go hug puppies,
    and adopt two indonesian children…

    and be back in america’s good graces.
    chris brown is black.

    he needs to learn from janet, michael vick, and others.
    janet was casted out for a long time.
    michael vick was in jail and also ostracized.
    they went back to work on their crafts and are slowly making their way back up.

  5. Yes, white privilege exists. No questions there. However, its like it’s to be assumed that men have the emotional intellect of a child and a lack of control over his actions that need to be overlooked. This is who he is regardless of who’s around him and how talented he is. We can compare him to other people all day and see differential treatment. But we cannot continue to reinforce his bad behavior through continuous support while at the same expecting him to change. To me, this is all just an example of how we treat the men in our lives who show us that they are undeserving of our time and effort and yet we stick by them anyway thinking that he’ll come round one day. That all of our investment into them will yield an eventual return while in the meantime, we’re constantly being disappointed.

  6. But we cannot continue to reinforce his bad behavior through continuous support while at the same expecting him to change.

    THIS. I wholeheartedly support this. Why change if you’re gonna buy my albums & continue to coddle me. #teambreezy are misguided enablers. Someone needs to smack him upside his Sisqo-permed head & tell him to straighten up.

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