Old Pussies Equals New Dicks

tumblr_m3eym5qSln1qh17i8o1_1280“what would you say if i was dating ____________?”

she showed me the picture on her phone.

“____________ looks like your type.”

hell looked like my type.
i didn’t want to say that out loud tho.
she didn’t know how i got down.
______ was tall,
and handsome.
i thought it was a baller wolf.
_________ wasn’t shirtless,
but you could tell there was a nice body underneath the suit.
she told me that they worked together.
job title: supervisor.
every vixen and fox working there was interested.
________ was interested in her tho.
so what was the issue?

“that was once a woman baby!”

oh yes.
i was picture cat fished

tumblr_lm8imuAZaJ1qkhbebo1_500i got an email from an f-bi asking:

Would you be open to dating [or even having sex with] a transman? Like if he had all the things you seek in a wolf [body, finances, great car, nice package etc], could you see yourself with someone who was born a woman but now a man?

…it made me got back to that same incident two years ago.
i’m surprised i didn’t blog about it then.
my answer to the question was a solid “no”.
sure that she-wolf she showed me was gorgeous,
but that was still a vixen.
regardless of how “manly” he looked and acted,
inside alla that was still a vixen.
the emotions.
the nagging.
maybe the periods (i dunno how that works).
nuh uh baby.
i want a full born wolf.
he can be sensitive,
but he can’t be a bitch.
no offense.
i’ve seen studs in action and even tho they are “the man”,
they still come with all “the woman”.
my f-bi showed me a she-wolf he came across online investigating this.
he asked if i’d make the exception:

look at this songzbird look alike:

i don’t mean to be a dick but i prefer a natural one.
i started to wonder about she-wolves.
they may have everything we want,
but is it still really the same as dating a regular wolf?
if all the men in the world did not interest you,
but this she-wolf came along and wanted to get with you,
would you reconsider?
i couldn’t help but wonder…

Would you give a She-Wolf a chance?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

33 thoughts on “Old Pussies Equals New Dicks”

  1. No, I like my man real. I have nothing against with ftm but it not the same. And I agree with you about being a man on the outside and still a female on the inside. Plus trans people tend to deny a lot which I can’t stand. Like I can understand you feel like the opposite sex but you have to accept you are still the originate gender you were born as.

    1. ^that is a very interesting way of putting it.
      the people in the pictures/videos posted is very attractive.
      i feel like i’d want them to be something they can never be emotionally.
      they have the outward package,
      but the inner is not going to connect.

  2. I don’t think applies to me very much. I don’t think a stud transforming into a man would want to be bent over, or in any position to get fucked lol. I don’t think they would want anything to do with a man, period.

  3. I would. I’ve done dated both women and men that are trans. Not going against religion, but I do believe that some people were put in the wrong bodies. The guy I dated was totally masculine and didn’t come with the average “female baggage.” He was more solid [emotionally & mentally] than most of the guys I’ve ever dated. For me, it was exactly like dating a “regular” wolf. Social constructs and society as whole make it extremely difficult for trans people.

    1. WOW. A trans man dating a gay man? I have so many questions for you. I don’t even know where to start.

      1. Like did you still act feminine to the “female”.. was she “controlling” you? I’ve heard of dudes letting pussies (OD feminine dudes) climb their back but this is literally letting a PUSSY climb your back

      1. Stop playin dude. You know that’s strange lol. It might not be to you, but to everyone else….uh yea. Here’s why it’s strange. A female who wants to be a man, which I will call a stud often wants to be with females, and wants nothing to do with a man, period. That’s my perception of it.

      2. @Jamari: we shared mutual friends and they hooked us up.

        @The Man: *directs you to Luckey’s explanation at the bottom*

    2. Social constructs make it hard for trans men, trans women, or anyone who is gender non conforming. Personally I would date a FTM as I have dated MTF. Everyone has a preference, and no judgment should be placed on discernment, hell everyone uses discernment. An FTM who is wonderful to me will win over any “hood wolf”. The topic about emotional baggage came up. Let’s get one thing straight, I am living with a partner who has had testosterone deficiencies (due to surgical removal,involuntarily testicular torsion). There are moments when his testosterone is non existent, no libido, over emotional, depressed, and sluggish. I use my man of 5 years as an example because these trans men that go through hormone replacement therapy have as much testosterone as cis -men. They also have other hormone blocking medication, that suppress estrogen. Shit logically the only difference is that your cum contains semen, and sperm. This mythical ” emotional” FTM, is gender constructed and gay men feed into that. Unfortunately cis gay males place value on the gender roles, and sexual roles in our community. So while your preference may not be someone who is FTM….. at least be knowledgeable about your discernment, and don’t come with basic defenses for why FTM can’t make the cut.

      1. THANK YOU!! *round of applause* The LGBT community tends to forget about the T a lot of the time. Most gay men treat FTM/MTF the same way cis hets treat them. It’s bananas.

  4. Yes if he were gay or bisexual.. A wolf is a wolf.

    A masculine intersex or transgendered human being with a fully functional penis, yes.

    I’m attracted to masculinity so born or bought bring it on.

    Your biological sex, your brain, and gender can all be different from each other.

    Having a dick doesn’t make you a man.
    Think about it. It helps, but there’s more to it than that.

  5. Let me school you on the life for those who are ignorant of it.

    There is a big difference between gender identity (male, female,trans) and sexual orientation (gay, bisexual, straight)

    A stud is most likely a lesbian who is a woman that is interested in other women (mostly lipstick lesbians or femmes)

    A trans man is a person who was born a woman but transition to being a man. They live their whole existence as a man.

    His sexual orientation could be straight (interested in women only), bisexual or gay (interested in men).

    A stud and a trans man are two different types people.

    So yes a trans man can be interested in gay men or men in general and consider himself as gay.

    The sex is self explanatory..

    1. I’m gonna be honest, I don’t educate on stuff that doesn’t involve me and my decision making because it’s certain shit I just wouldn’t do. You guys don’t understand that it is an emotional side to it as well as to why some people can’t do it, me being one of them. I didn’t even know Foxes fucked with FTM….so this is kinda new to me since I’m used to hearing whether Wolves would kick it with a MTF.

      1. And you are entitled to your opinions and feelings. Some men can’t fathom having sex with another man, that is OKAY too.

        It’s okay to learn something new even if it’s not your walk of life or “Strange”

      2. I think the issue with people not agreeing with other decisions about masc dudes who only want to date other masc men is due to the fact that some men are ashamed about what they prefer and want to take it out on others. It’s like why are you so pressed to convince me to try something new or see me as shallow just because I prefer one specific type of dude. It’s like the masc. man who doesn’t take his feminine boyfriend around his masc. friends, and when his friends go in on fem guys he’s starts talking about how they aren’t that bad and all that shit, and they look at him like he’s crazy. That conscious kicks and starts eating at him and he can’t take it. That’s just an example, no one needs to be offended. I’m not calling it strange just cause it’s not my thing either. I said it was strange because it is not what I or anyone else usually sees. Strange is what you call something that is unusual, different or out of the norm, and FTM and a gay man dating is out of the norm, you can’t downplay that or make it seem small. Just like this comment section is not every gay man’s opinion out there, we are a very small population compared to the millions of gay men out there. Think about it.

  6. No shade but everyone up in hea is judging each other. We got pro tran who don’t understand why pro nontran don’t get it. Pro nontran don’t understand why pro tran is caping.

    1. Right man. I think we talked about something like this back late last year. Everyone just doesn’t get it, I don’t get it and I’m fine with that because it has nothing to do with the decisions that I make since I don’t go that route period. I want a truly masc male who was born a male with balls and penis between his legs and nothing else. I do NOT have to explain that to anyone, I’ve explained why before and will NOT do it again. My reasons, choices and preferences are not vague or self explanatory, it goes deeper than that.

      Yea, I put male so no one can check me on that male vs man shit.

  7. I honestly would go with one.I would try both a trans man who dresses as a woman and a trans woman who dresses as a man at least once.Especially because I’m attracted to both men and women.Of course I’m more attracted to men though.It’s like 75% men, 25% women.I’m weird like that.

  8. I can genuinely say that of all the things I have seen on this blog, this post left me absolutely speechless, I think that is a first. I was not ready for that at all, I dont even know what to add to this discussion. I do like the fact that this is very eye opening and educational, but its hard for me to wrap my mind around that this used to be a biological female. Im going to really do some more research on this topic.

  9. This is a very interesting topic. I often wonder about people that transition whether its man to woman or woman to man. If a woman transitions into a man how natural would the dick and balls be? The first guy in the you tube video above is very attractive and I might even date him but I would wonder about the person inside. External physical attributes may change but what about the internal. I don’t have anything against anyone who wants to live their authentic self. I am just curious. I know they can live “normal” life and get married , adopt children.

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