Old Pussies Equals New Dicks

tumblr_m3eym5qSln1qh17i8o1_1280“what would you say if i was dating ____________?”

she showed me the picture on her phone.

“____________ looks like your type.”

hell looked like my type.
i didn’t want to say that out loud tho.
she didn’t know how i got down.
______ was tall,
and handsome.
i thought it was a baller wolf.
_________ wasn’t shirtless,
but you could tell there was a nice body underneath the suit.
she told me that they worked together.
job title: supervisor.
every vixen and fox working there was interested.
________ was interested in her tho.
so what was the issue?

“that was once a woman baby!”

oh yes.
i was picture cat fished
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