nicki minaj sits back as her barbz drag “bet” to her

when you are writing for a company or brand,
you cannot be opinionated.
one of my wise allies to the foxhole taught me that.
in the foxhole,
jamari fox can font whatever he wants.
even still,
i try to use discretion as i’m building my fox empire.
i’ve learned a lot in my mistakes of blogging.
the moment i font under a company like “bet”,
that’s the moment i report the news/gossip.
a she-jackal by font,
who writes for “bet”,
 did this when cardi won “best rap album at the grammys last night…

the she-jackal in question is named @allfluxnofilter.
that might be small to you,
but it’s really unprofessional as a writer/blogger.
your job isn’t to take sides.
that makes it looks like “bet” is choosing cardi b.
well the barbz found her:

…and her head is sitting on a pike at “bet” hq.
when you work for “bet”,
or any other entertainment brand,
you have no opinion about anything.
you type up the current news you find.

nicki took offense and went to twitter:

…and is reveling in the dragging on her twitter.
“bet” quickly issued a statement:

folks need to stop hiring such amateurs.
these clowns gonna fuck their businesses/connections up.

x read nicki’s twitter of the dragging

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “nicki minaj sits back as her barbz drag “bet” to her”

  1. As much as I go on about these women and their negative portrayal of women period, Nikki is way more official than the other one. I see a lot of Cardi’s fans talking about she deserved it & I’m trying to figure out what she did to deserve it? She made that long rant about being locked in a studio for three months while being pregnant…and said My nigga like 50 times. Ghettolodeon 101.

    As I said before, she is the “rags to riches” chick. She wants to complain about trying to do an album while pregnant and want sympathy.

    Girl please, you chose to open your legs up and let that man nut in you and now try to turn it around and use it as a sob story. 🙄 Like that what happens when you have sex bird brain.

    *I worked in Entertainment for a few years…I ain’t bout to fall for the bull..*

    As far as I can tell, I’ve always said the media was pushing Nikka aside. Cardi fans call her the Queen of Rap…

    Like if you put Cardi B and Nikki Minaj in a room with no support from staff and ask them to spit a verse…the results would be interesting.

    Bet caters to fair skinned people. Idk people even still watched them.

    1. I don’t really have a dog in the Nicki -vs- Cardi feud but let’s be clear, Cardi can not touch Nicki lyrically in any shape, form or fashion.

  2. I agree that the writer should stay neutral.

    However, to give some insight on Cardi’s appeal.

    In todays “Social” Media world, your personality , how you treat people and respect those who paved the way is very valuable. One of the Two Talented Rappers is known for not being ” Likable” and failing to adhere to the very valuable traits that I started this post with. I wish them both the best. They are young and growing. Much Love to Niki and to Cardi ( there’s a lot of room for both)

    P. S.
    Calling off a performance, tour etc. by a large Conglomerate that has been around for decades and seen performers come in go isn’t smart . Especially due to a post .

  3. It’s telling that the face of rap is a latina. They switched up on there day one for an outsider who don’t even claim them as her ppl. I keep saying this they trying to erase the culture and replace it with others. And some of her own ppl help doing it. Then when they pushed to the side they going to be complaining about not being represented again. After all the pioneers went through in the arts, civil rights, and everything else to let a group of ppl who hold the sentiments they do to just let them push them to the side. I see cardi as I see gina rodriguez an enemy to the culture. Soon if they don’t watch it hip hip not going to look like hip. Stop riding for ppl who don’t truly ride for the cause.

    1. It’s also why JLo did the MoTown tribute and these senile coons who struggled to make it in the industry like Smokey Robinson have the nerve to defend it. Tori Kelly won a Grammy for Gospel. It’s already started.

  4. I’m a huge fan of Cardi B. I love the girl’s personality and attitude. Shit, I even saw Cardi in her Bentley truck when I got off the bus in 14th and 5th. That long ass tounge. Lol. She seems like she is down to earth and I enjoy her music. But fair is fair. There is nothing that Cardi B has said or done that warrants a Grammy before Nicki Minaj. Let’s be honest, Nicki took everything that Kim had and homegirl RAN with it. You mean to tell me that all of Nicki’s collaborations, her mixtapes, flow, and ability and she get’s snubbed by a younger girl who doesn’t equal her talent? I would have lost my mind. I know Nicki is hurt as hell. You know what it is to work hard and be consistent over the span of more than a decade to be recognized and to get every other accolade except for the one you TRULY want? Only for someone else who hasn’t put the time or effort she has to get it so easily?

    They snubbed Nicki Minaj. It’s not right that she has NEVER gotten a grammy. I dislike her attitude and I don’t think that Nicki Minaj plays well with the other girls, but you can’t deny her abilities. Cardi doesn’t deserve the Grammy before Nicki, I have to be fair.

    1. ^seriously,
      i think nicki is dealing with her karma for how she has acted.
      it’s very karmic if you look at how folks are throwing her under the bus the same way she did kim when she first came out.
      what went around is back at her.

      things like this happen not because the person isn’t talented,
      but the person needs to be humbled.
      i can attest to it happening to me.
      as soon as i learned my lessons,
      i started to see blessings.

      1. Plus I think we Have to look at time context. Who Nicki was up against the 10 times she was nominated for a Grammy. We say all this about Nicki should have gotten a Grammy before Cardi but in reality in most of these award shows people who should get the award rarely get it Look at how long took before Missy Elliott got a VMA. Now I know this is not a Grammy but Video wise “Who was more innovative than Missy Elliott outside of somebody like OutKast or Bjork?” What’s for a person is for a person and will come to them when the time is for them. Plus I think this is time for that humble pie for Miss “If you hear Nicki Minaj rap it, just know Nicki Minaj wrote it!” ” No No Shade” Just saying.

  5. that was so disrespectful. no matter how you might feel about Nikki. she step in the gap when their was no female rapper out their. Lil Kim, Foxy and , da brat and Remy was all in prison during that time. This is how the black community do a black women. No wonder other races do not feel they need to respect us, because we don’t respect nor stand up for our own kind. but some of us will go war for another race who don’t give fuck about us nor the issue we face.

  6. I will never participate in the erasure of my own people for somebody that we built from the ground up.
    BET can kick rocks. I even see posts with Latinos bragging about “taking over” rap now that Cardi and Tekashi (he’s locked up now) have become so popular. That says enough. That is all I have to say.

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