he shot him in the eye because he was dumped for a female

in our fantasies,
we have these amazing and loyal boyfriends.
ones who do the right thing,
satisfy us intimately,
continue looking like a greek God,
and aren’t with the fuck shit.
we can meet that person,
but it tends to be luck if they stick around in gay life.
after the honeymoon phase is over,
and that could be one night,
you might very well get dumped.
jamar haughton,
whose all smiles ^up above,
was dumped after an intimate relationship with another male.
the other male allegedly left him for a vixen.
a foxholer sent me how he chose to handle it via “baltimore sun“…

A 26-year-old Baltimore man arrested in Monday’s shooting of a University of Maryland School of Medicine employee outside a hospital ambulance bay had been in a relationship with the victim and quickly confessed to the shooting after he was arrested fleeing the scene, according to Baltimore Police.

According to charging documents in the case, Jamar Haughton, the suspect, allegedly told detectives he intended to kill the victim.

“I wanted to kill him. … I want him dead,” Haughton is quoted as saying in the records. “I shot him in the eye and if he doesn’t die I will not stop!”

The 24-year-old victim, whom officials have not identified, was just east of an ambulance bay in the 600 block of W. Redwood St. when he was shot in the face and buttocks about 7 a.m. Monday, police officials said. He was listed in critical but stable condition Monday night.

Haughton has been charged with attempted first-degree murder and first-degree assault, and other charges related to the shooting.

Haughton, who is being held without bail, did not have an attorney listed in online court records.

too soon?
he did all that and doesn’t even have a good lawyer?
it sounds like jamar may have been fuckin with someone on the dl.
those situations have expiration dates.
as soon as the sex was cut,
and he found out a vixen was involved,
jamar went “fatal attraction”.
it could be that or he made it all up in his head.
he took a liking to the victim on a “stalker” tip.
i don’t know,
but what i do know:

Folks be crazy af out here

if the alleged is true,
jamar was crazy af.
a foxholer sent me what someone posted on their facebook:

sounds like the font of another crazy person.
i condemn everything jamar did.

this isn’t a movie.
there is no audience cheering because “the bad guy” was defeated.

How do we know that Jamar wasn’t the bad guy?

either way,
two lives were ultimately lost in this senseless crime.
one will be under the jail.
the other will have to start anew with his injuries.
it’s all very sad.

article cc: baltimore sun

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “he shot him in the eye because he was dumped for a female”

  1. I don’t know what to say, love/obsession can make you do some Krazy shit!! I’ve did some shit in my past like break some shit, fuck up personal property, thank God I’ve haven’t resorted to bodily harm. It’s best to just walk away no matter how painful, take it from a voice of experience, it gets better.

  2. Being a black gay man living in western society, you will come to know a lonliness that only you and those like you will come to experience.

    That being said, it’s not okay to play around with people’s emotions. I am not crazy, but I understand why the young man felt strongly about his ex leaving him.. You can’t make someone feel as if thier your everything and then, just leave them as if they never meant anything. You can’t make someone feel love and experience when you know to yourself that you don’t care and neved cared. The victim may not of even been DL, black men are becoming more comfortable expressing thier bisexuality.

    I think the biggest takeaway is to invest in yourself completely and fully. I was dumped recently and I took it hard. Still am. I wanted him dead too, but that’s not my character to be so angry. But I want to get to a place where I’m not bitter or angry if I were to bump into him in the city, I can have a civil conversation as a grown man and not get upset and emotional for how it ended. Take it from me: don’t ever let a man or woman determine how good or bad you feel about yourself. No one is responsible tor your happiness but you. No one is responsible for your self esteem but you, and that is a profound blessing. I hope everyone involved finds true peace they lack in thier lives.

  3. I think another important thing in a situation like this is communication. I dont know the full story, but I could see the dude that dumped him for a vixen actually ghosting him and not giving him a reason. Ghosting someone after youve spent time with them and everything seemed like a box of chocolates is not cool. That shit sticks with u and makes you feel like you did something wrong. I know from personal experience unfortunately…smh.

    And both dudes I liked, spent time with and they both told me everything I wanted to hear and then I wake up one day and poof…they stop responding to my text, phone calls, etc…but if I see them in public, they wanna be all buddy buddy waving n shit and 1 of them had the nerve to show off his new boyfriend like me n him werent just working on something…smh…men…I tell ya!

    Sorry, got off topic real quick, lol. But yeah…if niggas just explained what and why they were about to do what they do, a lot of this crazy shit wouldnt be happening

    1. I hear you bro it’s happened to the best of us. It’s like wait so you think we cool? This one dude literally told my friend why we broke up on some we just weren’t compatible and we chose to go our separate ways. Meanwhile he just stopped responding to text and never spoke to me so you feel comfortable telling my friend but not me? Niggaz are the worst bruh!

      1. Seeee! Thats the shit Im talking about…niggas aint shit! Sorry that happened to you though. Atleast he told someone…my dudes probably told their new dudes why it didnt work out with me >.<*

          1. U are absolutely right…what dont kill ya make ya stronger and it definitely has toughened my skin a bit. Im thankful for that. Even in that moment of sorrow, knowledge & wisdom managed to poke through

  4. Me thinks this is a DL Bisexual who had bomb sex with this person, and probably on multiple occasions. Made promises and all that talk, said he was important and all that other talk and still left him for pussy.

    Real pussy always wins over boy pussy when a DL Bisexual is involved.

    Speaking of crazy. Last year, I remember posting about this Polynesian wolf that was trying to beat me end. We hung out a few times & went to eat but it turns out I really wasn’t sure if I liked him so I called it off. He was upset of course. About a year later, I tried to reconnect with him just on a chill level and but he was pretty distant. Cool. My fault for being undecided on what I want. About two weeks ago, he saw me outside on break and he said a comment, “You’re still alive?” with joking laugh.

    You know me being the chipper folk I am laughed and said, “Why wouldn’t I be?” And we parted ways. It never occurred to me how far gone some people can be or how long that can harbor ill will towards you. My senses picked up a strange vibe from.him so I was probably right to be hesitant to talk to him.

    About a week ago, he was watching me for a few moments and I caught him and he turned away. Think he still likes me and is a bit bitter.

    Jamari, now I did tell you to get you a man soon, (if you don’t already have one tucked off somewhere.) Be more assertive and about your business, just do the proper screening and getting to know someone of course (and get them tested). I think we have more than enough examples of crazy ass folks from apps and in-between causing hell.

    To shoot someone in the eye and in the ass…It seems very symbolic to me, irony? The eye and the ass….hmmm. It’s so sad that we live in this type of world with fragile people.

    1. Jammy! You took me back with that story. Back in the day there was a guy in my building who was killed by a jackal he hooked up with from the party line. Supposedly the jackal was on the DL and a top, and let the guy top him. I guess the jackal liked it too much and snapped out of guilt. How about the jackal had the unmitigated gall to kill the guy?! Not only that, this fool hid the body in the trunk of the guys own car, and lived up in his apartment until one of the neighbors called the police because she hadn’t seen him.

  5. I’m sorry but I’m with the Facebook poster on this. Complete neutrality. Jamar was wrong for reacting the way he did and should pay the consequences. That said, we dont know how the other guy played on his emotions. We as men have to learn you can’t jus jerk people around cuz you can and expect to skip off into the sunset.

    Unlike women we aren’t socialized to handle emotions well. That’s why when men are played in these situations they react in the most insane ways. Bruise a male ego and watch the monster jump out. It’s why he shot dude in the eye he wanted to maim him somewhere obvious to where no one male or female would be attracted to him again.

    So lesson of the day? Stop messing wit DL/bi men they always choose pussy in the end ALWAYS! And lesson 2 stop toying wit ppl like u can’t get got out here.

  6. I’m always scratching my head at people willing to lose everything for somebody else. I’ve been in love, “betrayed” “deceived” and the worst that happened was a closing argument. I have had somebody damage my property before I called the cops and I pressed charges. I don’t play with with that I’m crazy shit. You fuck with my stuff I’ll make your ass pay. That Jamar dude has some mental issues if he wants to murder somebody and wants somebody dead.
    This dude I was dating before had a hard time focusing on our relationship because he had a crazy ex that wouldn’t leave him alone. The dude was stalking him, called his job and disclosed personal info about his company and all that. He was like I’m fucked I don’t know what to do. So crazy exthought he was bad and ddcuddd to put feces all over his car and door of my apartment. So I stalked him and found him about to slash my tires. When I tell you that I fucked him up with a knife in his hand. Called the cops after and we pressed charges.
    People are crazy out there and gay black men seem to now be top list when it comes to these crimes of passion. From outing people to attempted murder. What the fuck is going on?

  7. I remember in college a guy was interested in me. He was Cancer and some Cancers not all are crazy, possessive, controlling, addictive sexually yet the most loving person you ever met. Well I was waiting for him in restaurant. He called me and said he hadn’t made it but was sitting outside for half hour looking at me. I was looking right at his SUV he borrowed yet he told me he wasn’t there yet. So another guy was waiting for his food and we started talking just to pass the time. Twenty minutes later my guy came and he was cool but acted upset when the guy next to us started talking to me. He later said what his was his and I thought this man is crazy as we aren’t even in a relationship. Long story short he was goodlooking, body, etc but I was not going to be anybody’s victim or property. Life shows you the lesson you just have to be willing to look and read into the situation. No dna is worth your life or happiness.

  8. Thats crazy, I used to work at the University of Maryland many years ago, and now I work at Johns Hopkins University, the same exact place this dude was employed with. I wonder if I passed him in the hall or in the cafeteria and thought he was cute, lmao. Oh well

  9. As a Cancer myself, responding to he coment above. Though I’m not a tried and true fan of horoscopes. Cancers are sensitive people. They are feelers and they dedicate a lot of time to those they adore. You have to really earn the trust and heart of a cancer. If you screw that up you are in trouble. Most of those other signs can be rather insestive, especially Aries. I notice I usually bump heads with Capricorns too.

    Speaking for myself, I will most definitely have to really be into you and like you to trust you. If you wrong me, I’ll will remember that scar. Im not crazy but I don’t play tho. My bf already know not to do anything underhanded bull crap.

    I know Jamari did a post a long while back and I said anyone of us or anyone you come across could be be crazy as hell behind closed doors. Be careful who you cross these days. Both male and female are crazy as hell and will end ya but don’t be scared to live your life.

    And for the 100th time..Attractiveness does not mean crazy free, disease free, stress free or confident. Plenty of fine wolves batshit crazy, insane and nasty.

  10. I live in Baltimore and trust and believe the gay community in the city went into gossip overdrive about this case. From what I heard Jamar Haughton is active in the drag queen community and has stalked other guys — this was not his first. He is known to be crazy like that. But hey, I bet the sex was off the chain. Don’t CrAzY QuEeNs throw the best ass? I wish nothing but recovery and healing to the poor victims. Haughton needed mental health assistance — no dick (or ass) is worth going to jail for.

    1. Hi Immanuel , I clicked on your name and went to your blog.I’ve read it before but not lately.I decided to scroll back to the beginning and read your post from 2009.It was so interesting reading some of your early posts,reading about your journey.I’m curious does it feel like it’s been almost 10 years since you started your blog.

      1. Yes it feels like forever. Like I was living a totally different life then than now. I am happy and enjoying each day. Thanks for reading my blog and I love your comments in Jamari’s blog!

        1. I’m so happy for you.I’m sure your story/blog has inspired/encouraged so many others to live their truth.Of course when they are ready to, every person’s journey is different.

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