abuse me, job daddy


getting a job is hard enough as it is.
it’s all unnecessary stress,

a resume has to have “certain keywords” in order to be picked
looking for a job is like a full-time job
you may have to go through 5 interviews plus a speed round

after 2 years of interviewing,
you finally land on a job that hopefully pays well.
it’s not until after the initial training honeymoon phase…

you learn your boss/supervisor/satan is similar to an abusive husband.
instead of clocking you upside the head for making chicken on a tuesday,
he/she/it is a real mentally abusive bastard.
coming to work every day feels like a damn chore.
you don’t want to breathe the wrong way or they’ll talk to you like you’re stupid.
i had to wonder…

Why are jobs so toxic these days?

i didn’t do anything to land the gig i have now.
i didn’t send resumes to anyone.
my head huntress called me for it,
i went to interview and they loved me.
i believed every word they had to say during the initial interviewing phase.
some of it was true.
it’s a pretty laid back gig.
i was typing this up there.

i watched one of the execs here cursing my supervisor out.
i mean…

“you need to get your FUCKIN shit together.
who THE FUCK do you think this is.
i DON’T GIVE A FUCK what she thinks…”

…and he was directing that vitriol towards her assistant.
this is after the assistant ran to the bathroom in tears.


i don’t have much sympathy for those two because they’re shady,
but to yell at someone like that?
it is borderline abuse.
one of the assistants left because she damn near had a nervous breakdown.
she developed a nervous tick and everything.

i’ll admit i’ve fired back a nice/nasty:

“Excuse me?”

my past jobs/ex friends/wolves trained me for this moment.
i didn’t go through alla that to be a mess now,

Why are bosses so abusive these days?

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “abuse me, job daddy

  1. Hurt people, hurt people. People displace anger and fruse ration they have within themselves on to others. Usually it’s on esker people who cant or won’t fire back

      1. Because most people are miserable nowadays. They know your livelihood is in their hands, so they think they can treat you as they please. I never put up with that bullshit, I’ve let many of my bosses have it and walked right out the door. #fuckyouandyourcheck

    1. ^everyone here is kinda like a zombie

      eta: i think the issue is a lot of folks here are weak.
      they haven’t gone there with me because i am focused on my own shit.
      the others are kiss asses and punching bags.
      those days are over for me .

  2. In a nutshell….. There are plenty of Managers. There are very little Leaders.

    I’ve had some incredible Manager/Leaders during the course of my 30+ years in the corporate. They taught me about team building, business management, leadership and respect in the workplace, etc. But this toxic environment today is insane, especially here in NYC. From the attitudes, ego’s and the absolute lack of business management skills. I can tell you some stories where I had to put several co-manager’s in their place.

    I have a wonderful mentor and business leader (and former Secretary of Defense) who taught me a very valuable lesson about leadership. You don’t hire people to work for you. Hire people to work with you. You don’t manage their jobs. You manage and shape their careers. Show them honesty, respect and understanding, Your leadership will then inspire the next generation.

    Sadly, true leadership like good music is disappearing…

      1. I was speaking with a colleague who works in Silicon Valley and she mentioned similar experiences there. You don’t see much of this in the South (Atlanta, Nashville, St, Louis, Greenville, Charleston are all cities that I’ve had direct interactions with senior leadership). At the same time, most senior leadership in major corporations in the south tend to have 20+ years in business. Places like NYC, Chicago, Boston are in a different universe. The leadership styles are nasty and cut throat.

        I’m just getting out of an interview here in Midtown and I need to go have a drink. I’ve never had such a condescending meeting in my life. Met with several senior exec’s who were at least 20 years my junior and the ego’s where on full display… I’m just speechless right now…

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