…My Baller Finally Came.

“Are you happy to see me?” I smiled as I kissed the head of his dick.

I sucked on my bottom lip as I saw what waited before me.
Now as you already know, I am not a fan of a big ass dick.
I am pretty much allergic to them.
I was blessed to meet my baller with a nice 8 inch dick.
Small, I know, but that muthafucka knew how to use it.

Many football players aren’t packing major steel.
I think it’s because of their workouts or something.
I don’t know, but all I know is I wanted this football player inside me, in whatever hole could satisfy me.

I took the shaft of his dick and I slowly sucked on the head.
I made my tongue swirl around in my mouth as his dick lay inside.

“Oh… shit.” He said, looking down at me, “you learning some new tricks?”

I smiled.
I kept on throwing my head down on his dick in a slow groove.
His dick was like a dark brown Popsicle that I liked to suck on.
He held onto the sides of my head and just kept a steady motion as I bobbed up and down.
I lifted his dick up with and traced my tongue against that vein that connected to his balls.
Let’s just say he lost his mind.

“Alright. I want that ass.” He proclaimed.
“Oh do you?”
“Yup.” He replied, going over to the usual spot to get a condom and some lube.

That is why I liked him.
He just knew what to do and when to do it.

He threw the Trojan Ecstasy condom and dabbed some Platinum Wet Lubricant on it.
I turned around and got on all fours as he took some lube and massaged my hole.
He took his finger and made sure I was open enough for full contact.
He ate me out good so I was pretty much ready.

“You ready for this dick?” He asked.
“Been ready.”
“How ready?”
“Nigga if you don’t…”

He slapped the shit out my ass.

“I asked you a question.” He asked.
Still shocked from that slap, I replied a slight: “I’m ready nigga.”

He moved in closer and started rubbing the head up and down my crack.
That was his way of teasing me and letting me know he was about to put in some work.
He stuck the head in and like a good Foxhole, I wasn’t that loose for him to just enter.
He took his dick out, slapped it on my cheeks, and stuck it back in.

When he got his dick fully inside, he held me by my waist and started to move me back and forth slowly.
I let out some slight moans but I was enjoying his pre-game warm up.
He was letting my walls know that Daddy was home.
He started to grind his dick into me and that is when I started to lose it.
He was very fluid with his stroke just like how he is on the field.
It was almost like his hips had a mind of its own.
He knew when to grind, when to go slow, and when to go fast.
All of which he was doing at this very moment.

“You like this dick?” He asked, throwing his dick into me.
“Hell yeah.” I panted.

This muthafucka was doing his thing!
I was biting on the sheet and griping the pillow.
He put his hand on the back of my neck and damn near pushed my face into the bed.
He was slamming his dick into me in a steady hard rhythm.
I started to shake my ass on his dick.
He liked it when I didn’t just lie there and take it.
Matter of fact, no man likes to a dead fish.
He was the type that wanted feedback… so I gave him some.
He grabbed me by my hips, arched himself back, and started to beat my shit up.

I won’t lie and say I’m sure the neighbors knew his name the way I was yelling.
He was fucking the dog shit out of me.
I do not know if it was because of all the shit talking but he was wearing me out something serious.

He pulled his dick out and gave me a quick slap on my ass.

“Work me now.” He said, laying on the bed.

“Work him” meant for me to fuck him.
Not in the literal sense since he was a true Wolf.
He wanted me to ride his brains out.

I got on top of him, took his dick, and guided him back inside me.
I put my hands on his large pecs and started to slowly bounce my ass on his dick.
He took his hands and placed it under his head.

“Is that it?” He asked, “I know you got more for ya nigga.”
“Shut the fuck up.” I replied, bounce harder on his dick.

I took that dick in control and started to ride the hell out of him.
So much so, the bed head started to bang against the wall.

“Oh that is what I’m talkin’ about baby!” He said, gripping onto my waist.

I propped myself up, held onto the headboard, and started to ride him faster.
I needed more leverage to throw this ass on him right.
I needed him to know that Jamari would not tap out.
I interlocked my fingers with his and pushed myself harder onto him.
He was now losing his mind.
He, in turn, pumped him hips as I rode him.

I knew what this meant….

He brought me down onto him, lifted himself up, and started pounding his dick inside me.
He took his hands and spread my cheeks so he could get all the way in.

“Shit I’m about to cum nigga…” He mumbled.

I think that is what he said because all I felt was four massive thrusts,
him moaning out a couple “oh shits”, and his legs shaking from underneath me.

He came.

I laid on-top of him until I fell asleep with him still inside me.
Before I closed my eyes, I realized that Inception was halfway.
We will watch the movie tomorrow.
I looked at him and he was already knocked out and snoring.

Maybe I can get a new flat screen out the deal.
Wouldn’t hurt, right?


Written By Jamari Fox
(C) 2.04.11 11:40pm


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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  1. daaaaaaaammmmm i really enjoyed this part.. was so hot!!!!!! and that photo of that dick inside that whole was crazy i couldn’t stop laughing at it, daaam nice blog once again

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