Meek Mill Will Be Unavailable For The Next Few Years

 i didn’t see this coming.
i shoudln’t have since i don’t listen to meek anyway.
meek mill is heading back to prison.
he violated his parole and the judge didn’t go easy on him.
this is his sentence via people

Rapper Meek Mill has been sentenced to prison for a minimum of two years for violating probation.

The ex-boyfriend of Nicki Minaj was spotted arriving at a Philadelphia court on Monday before a judge ruled that he violated multiple provisions of his probation, according to

A rep for Mill, 30, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE.

His sentence comes after Mill — born Robert Rihmeek William — was arrested twice this year.

Explaining why she was imposing a jail term that could be up to four yearsCommon Pleas Court Judge Genece E. Brinkley, recounted the numerous chances she had given Mill.

“[You are] just thumbing your nose at me,” the judge said, according to

The judge continued, saying that once Mill was in prison, “I’ll be done with you.”

The musician was then immediately handcuffed and taken from the court, reports.

His defense attorney Brian McMonagle said he plans to appeal the rapper’s sentence.

reduced to “the ex boyfriend of nicki minaj”…

tough break.
he did it to himself.
no sympathy when he had a really great life outside of jail.
these pineapples just don’t learn.
i’m sure his stans will waiting patiently for him to get out.

lowkey: nicki and him took some serious l’s.
they were both doing too much and got humbled.

article cc: people

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Meek Mill Will Be Unavailable For The Next Few Years”

      1. meek ain’t hot…. meek and the rest don’t know how to handle fame. stay humble…stay quiet…stay rich..stay free

  1. Thank goodness y’all aren’t falling the for the typical “system trying to bring a black man down” BS that is plagued on black blog outlets (shaderoom, baller alert etc.)
    It’s like we have straight black men who constantly misbehave and they get CODDLED by enablers in our community who don’t see the error in their ways. How can someone improve if they’re always being excused? No sympathy here. They did the same thing with Chris Brown.

    How long are we going to keep blaming the “white man” for everything? Meek is a perpetual breaker of the law. He needs to grow up. Isn’t he 30 with kids now? Embarrassing. This cycle needs to stop. Start taking responsibility and setting a good example for your kids smh.

    His defenders tend to be delusional straight black men who don’t think black men could ever do wrong and sheepish black women. Ain’t no “free Meek” over here.

    1. A word. From Ross to Jay Z, to yo cousin Ray Ray everybody trying to pat his back. Did we not forget he had Nicki’s LA home robbed not too long ago cuz he was feeling scorned?????? He violated probation he knew wat time it was he 30 not 3. Ain’t no time out bih.

  2. sorry, not sorry. if I can keep my ass out of jail, why can’t these so call rappers can’t.

    I’m guessing he’s going use this as his comeback album.

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