lil nas x comes out in pride?

lil nas x is a force to be reckoned with.
he has the song of the summer,
pulled billy ray cyrus for his first single,
and has been on the top 100 for 12 weeks.
( x see it here )
not too shabby.
well he might have done something today for the final day of pride

he didn’t actually font it,
but that “rainbow” spoke volumes.
he has had a ton of rumors swirling about him.
his “nicki stan” past has been the biggest conversation on socials.
if the following is true,
i’m happy for him.
you know those country homophobes are annoyed.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “lil nas x comes out in pride?”

  1. well you know he’s buddy now with chance the rapper little bro who came out as bi but these days you never know

  2. This is funny. I wanna see how all those black folks who are so, “Black taking back country music.” react. You know how they get the minute some pops up. They drop support & start with the Bible said…😂💅

    1. chileeee i was thinking the same thing 😂 that song gonna drop from #1 to #101. You know black ppl support each other unless you’re gay!

  3. I am happy for this guy but I can’t call this a “coming out”. In my opinion These type of ambiguous showings, much like Frank’s letter from a few years back still play into the concept of black queer males having to live the “hiding in plain sight” narrative. Especially considering there are people who actually say the words “I am [insert sexual/gender identity]” Without attempting to sound elitist in a sense, THIS isnt that moment. Now I do still believe he reserves the right to express himself however open or ambiguous as he chooses but I feel like we have to be more sacred with the language we use to describe it.

  4. I thought everybody knew he was gay. Hell I thought he was openly gay so this is a surprise lmao. Happy pride to all my beautiful rainbow children. We are not outcasts, we are the new normal.

  5. Congrats, Lil Nas X! The adorable doll behind the song of the spring and early summer is one of the children. Can we get a Whoop Whoop? YESSSS! Also, Happy LGBTQIA Pride to everyone in the Foxhole!

  6. I can’t stop reading this post. I am literally gagging at the thought of all those memes and GIFs from black heterosexuals praising him and now he is like..I am Gay. I want to see the look on their faces sooo bad.

    They were Soo into Black Lives Matter until someone uttered that a gay man started it. OOF!

    The real bop is that he made a bop, got rich off of it, waited and then was like. O”yeah. I’m gay” He might be the type that doesn’t wear his sexuality on his sleeve.

  7. The reactions on Twitter has been largely mixed from my vantage point. But I don’t need to read a few tweets to know how Black Twitter ”really feels” about it. Lets see if he gets to perform at the BET Awards again LOL

    Anyhoo, the money he made from his little one hit wonder should be enough to keep him living comfortably for years if he makes the right financial decisions. I doubt he’ll be a huge draw on tour or in the rap arena after this revelation.

    Essentially, he just announced his retirement 🙁

      1. @Anyways

        If he sold the rights to that song for only $2 million he got ripped off 🙁

        He better OWN all of his masters going forward or he’ll have regrets.
        Ask Taylor Swift, Paul McCartny, Toni Braxton, TLC and a lists of other artists not mentioned.

    1. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. And Old Town Road is #1 for the 13th week, making it the longest running hip hop song at number one in history. He has three songs currently on the top 100 chart. “Old Town Road” is now eligible for DIAMOND certification. It‘s the first song in history to sell 10,000,000 copies while remaining No.1 on Billboard 💎💿

      He is making history

  8. This is horrible and I can’t believe people are actually trying to celebrate this, I hope that he gets a good PR team around him and spins this into some type of massive trolling thing or his career is finished. I want to see Lil Nas win and right now he literally is walking away from 100’s of millions of dollars on the table from endorsement deals, commercials, ad campaigns, movie roles, future albums, featured artist; if he lets this sit out there all of those opportunities will dry up and disappear behind the scenes. A conversation needs to be had because contrary to popular opinion Hollywood and the entertainment industry as a whole is not that accepting of the LGBTQ+ community Michael Sam, Frank Ocean, Sam Smith, Zachary John Quinto, and the list literally goes on and on of people who faded to black once their sexuality became known. Theirs’s a great quote from Michael Sam who says “No one would give me a job, where was the support that I got for coming out? I felt used by everyone” (from the bleacher report). The same people gassing you up today will be the same ones making fun of you when you are down and out.

  9. Wonderful. Good for him but the question now is: how will this outing effect his career moving forward? Society can be so vindictive.

  10. Nope. Michael Sam essentially set himself up before his success. Lil Nas already tapped into his success and has the ability to be well off compared to Michael Sam. The real gag is that Sam attached a white boy to his shoulder who he thought was ride or die till the end but is no where to be found now….He counted his chickens before they hatched.

    Lil Nas essentially created a bop, got the cash and is set. All he needs to do is be smart like Rhianna and become an investor and entrepreneur now that he has earned substantial income. If he wrote that song, or part of it, he will continue to get royalties everytime it’s played. He’s also attached to the other singer who is popular with white people and they will still support the song regardless and Lil Nas will still reap the benefits from it.

    You don’t need to be in the limelight to be actually be lit. I wish him success.

    The reality of this is one thing….HOW BLACK PEOPLE expect to be treated fair but are full of favoritism. I’ve basically started referring to them as the Black Comm now… Unity is no longer a word I attach to those types.

  11. Good for him if that’s true. I’m really digging that “C7osure” song though. He may just be more than a one-hit wonder.

    1. I agree with you about “c7osure,” which Lil Nas X jokingly told someone today was pronounced “ceesevenosure,” even though it’s clearly “closure.”

      I wish him the very best. I hope he takes up acting, too. Not sure if he has any talent in that department, but he has a nice face and, as he shows regularly on Twitter, a good sense of humor, so perhaps he can parlay that into another career alongside his singing/performing.

  12. At least y’all have someone other than Lil Kim to perform at Prides?😂😂😂

    I mean time will tell if he’s more than a passing fad. It’s so easy to become famous these days and sadly he’s only 20 years old so he’s peaking EARLY. I really hope he manages all the money thrown his way.

    I do feel like since people know now their biases are automatically going to kick in.

  13. I do understand your point Jammy, I only highlight Michael Sam in this instance because now that he is 29 and aging out of any potential for an NFL career you can better analyze the consequences of his decision to come out at 24, which ultimately was an ill-advised move just as it will be for Lil Nas X if all of this is true. Bottom line is you must look at the cost and this may be somewhat harsh but there is no future in coming out. Everyone wants to talk about well “he’s made his money” it is speculated that he has made about 2.7 million dollars so far, at the end of the day that’s not a lot of money when you come from nothing and trying to catch up; once you take out taxes and depreciating assets how much money is really remaining and then you have to look at living situations, transportation, medical, etc. Given his age, he should’ve just played his shows, released his music, and took advantage of presented opportunities and if he wanted to come out when he is 25, 26, 27 at least at that point you would’ve had 5 to 7 years strong in the game. Its an ill-advised decision to leave 10’s to 100’s millions of dollars on the table.

    I also think at some point we must attack this whole notion of coming out in general as well. Its one thing to do it because it gives you a certain peace of mind but in all reality you don’t have to wear your sexuality on your sleeve and it truly is no one’s business what goes on in your bedroom between consenting adults.

    1. “I also think at some point we must attack this whole notion of coming out in general as well. Its one thing to do it because it gives you a certain peace of mind but in all reality you don’t have to wear your sexuality on your sleeve and it truly is no one’s business what goes on in your bedroom between consenting adults.”

      This!!! I came out a few years ago to my immediate family when I was 18 because I wanted to get that weight off my shoulders. But I then realised that coming out wasn’t a one time thing because we meet new people through life. It then dawned on me that I don’t owe anybody an explanation about my sexual orientation, it’s a part of me but its not who I am. Why exactly must I tell the whole world that I’m gay? I honestly don’t see the reason.

      I feel like gay male celebrities are stuck in a conundrum. If they don’t come out and keep their personal/dating life on the low then they will be haunted with gay rumours and people from the outside telling them to “come out”, they’ll get shamed for being closeted etc.
      However when they do come out the will be stigmatised with the “gay label”, homophobia, people will also claim that they came out for attention, to boost their career etc.

      Now imagine all of that while being a black gay celebrity, knowing that the vast majority of those in your demography will shun you. It looks like a lot to deal with. Black gay celebrities should brush up on their entrepreneurial skills so they always have an income coming from somewhere because relying on the Black community is a slippery slope as a gay man.

  14. Kudos to him. I think he’s cute, I also think he’s an industry plant; however, I hope he settles down with another Black guy. I would be sad to see his bread end up on a white family’s table.

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