Lemme Talk To My Tops.

Let’s talk specifically about the bomb pipe laying ya’ll THINK ya’ll doing.

Aight picture this….
You got me in the room,
and you ready to wax this ass.
Do you really know HOW to wax my ass than the usual?
To be honest,
alot of tops are selfish.
They only care about their nut.
What about me?
I’m laying there,
taking that fat dick,
and you just pounding away.
But you want me to bob and weave
on the dick when I am sucking a nut or two out your dick.
Try again.

I am the type of bottom that likes some mental foreplay before we fuck.
I want you to text me something nasty.
I want you to tell me how you going to fuck me really good.
I want to go back and forth with you.
I want you to make me want to put on my clothes and get ready to smash.
The best sex always came from a bit of mental sexual foreplay beforehand.

So first and foremost,
make me want it.

Eat My Ass

I had like two tops tell me that they do not eat ass. I automatically canceled their membership to my account. You will NOT be with me and not eat my ass, but expect me to suck your dick. I am clean and I want to make sure my area is edible. It takes nothing to put your tongue on my hole and flick your tongue agaisnt it a few times. Run your tongue up my ass crack. While you flicking and driving me crazy, slowly stick your tongue deep inside/while fingering. If you know tricks, vibrate your tongue (just hum) and open me up.

Fingering the Booty

Make sure your nails are cut! I had a nigga Wolverine my ass before and it is not the best feeling. Just slide one finger in there and move it in and out slowly. Then when you can move in and out with ease, stick another finger in continue the flow. Everything should be a flow. Ask me how it feel. I know you want to stick the dick in but make the experience pleasurable for me.

Rub the dick against the hole/Tease

Nothing drives me crazy than a tops rubbing his dick in between my cheeks. Introducing the head of your dick to my hole. Without sticking it in, just tease my booty. By this time, I am fiending for the dick and to feel you spanking me with your dick. Dry hump my ass or me into the perfect position to take that meat.

Sticking It In

Slowly my dude. It isn’t a pussy. I had this one dude just RAM his fat 9.5 thick dick up in me. By the end of it, I was bleeding and in pain. Trying to use spit as lube.


This should be a combo of fingering, alot of lube, holding onto the shaft of your dick, and guiding it in. If you hear me say “STOP!“, something does not feel right so try another angle. The best position for the dick to get in is usually missionary or me laying on my side. I am pretty flexible so I may spread eagle for you to get in perfectly.

Fuck Me Stupid

Rhythm baby.

Nothing is more aggravating than a sexual ADD top. Slow, fast, hard, fast, slow, hard, slow… Um. You should start out my grinding yourself into my ass. If you do not know how to grind, hit up a reggae party and learn. It’s like a dance. You are leading me so do what you need to do so I can follow. You should be using your hips at this point and grinding slow in the begining stages. Make my booty smile. Music also helps set the mood. You can fuck me to the beat. Slow down your pace with each song change. It’s up to you. I will follow.


Nothing drives me wild than a nigga talking shit to me.

It can be rough nasty shit or simply asking if it hurts. You need to figure out when to ask what. Think about you laying ontop of me, whispering something nasty in my ear, that shit will probably make me extremely comfortable so when you start to pound me out, I actually want it. Ain’t nothing worse than some quiet sex.

Have A Sexual Personality/Put In Work Every Time

Who are you when you fuck?

Create a sexual personality.  We in the bed so chances are it was a mutual thing. Like a job, put in some work. Even if you not feeling me, for that moment we are smashing, treat my body like a job and work this shit out. Do not do “half assed jobs“. You want your sexual legacy to be “that nigga who fucked me so damn good”. Switch positions and make the experience enjoyable. Pull your dick out, eat my ass real quick, and tease me. Slap me on my ass. Put me in a choke hold. Go deep in my guts. Have me in my stomach, arch my ass up, put your hands on my shoulders, spread your legs a little and slow stroke into a hard stroke. Just put in work and I will do the same. Even if you nut quick, let’s keep the show going. Ima get you hard again for round 1, 2, 3, and 4.


Nothing is sexier than when a top nuts. You put in all that work and your legs trembling and shit. Moan! Let me know that my ass was the best. You can nut on my cheeks or my face.
If the sex was the bomb, and we established something other than one night (after fucking me, you going to want more. TRUE STORY.) I might slide the condom off and suck the nut out of you. Maybe swallow. Wack in the sack niggas do not get all that though. They get a nut on my cheeks and you getting the fuck out my crib. (If we nut TOGETHER, then that will be some good ass dick and sometime’s I do not nut until the second or third nut)

If you fuck me good,
I’ll fuck you good.
It’s only fair.
Throw my shit back and make you think you fucking platinum booty.

So take my tips and next time you fuck,
Let the bottom know: “Jamari approved on this dick.

Author: jamari fox

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