Make-up Sex

A sexual short starring Jamari Fox

“Fuck you too!” I yelled from his living room.

”Naw, fuck you son.” He said, literally speed walking in the living room in a towel, “I dunno why I am fucking with you. We stay arguing on some ol bitch shit.”

“Because you like this good boy pussy, that’s why.” I stated confidently, crossing my arms, “You haven’t had any in a while. Are you fucking someone else?”

“Man, fuck you.” He said, walked back into the bedroom.

That was a guilty “fuck you”. I know him.

He has been getting on my last nerves lately. He been bitching like he has been on his male  period. We haven’t been talking. Shit, we haven’t been fucking. The last time I saw his dick, he was peeing. Are we over? I think we just maybe. I do not even want to be caught dead in the same room as him. I do not even know WHY the fuck I am even here to begin with.

… But damn, he is fine and he is my baby. I care for him a lot. We have been working on something for the last 6 months. The longest relationship I have ever been in. When he walked in here with that towel, I nearly lost my mind. I put my anger to the side and let my nasty side take over. I miss my baby’s meat inside me. He has beautiful skin, sea sick spinning waves, and some beautiful pecs on his six foot athletic frame. He is a Snickers bar complexion and a big 10.5 inch chocolate snake living in his secret garden. I miss it in my mouth.

Ok, focus. I am mad at him. I think. Shit, I don’t even know why I am mad at him.

Oh God, here he go.

“You know what makes me tite?” He said, walking back into the living room. This time he was wearing dark denim jeans with his white Sean John boxers showing.

“What nigga?” I said, trying not to look at the “V” on his hips, with his abs glistening in “lick me” fashion.

“The fact you haven’t even been there. I been going through some shit and you just been busy. I call you and you have no time for a nigga.”

“What the fuck are you talking about?” I said, “I am always….”

My Blackberry starts to ring.

“See what I am talking about. That is that shit I am talking about.” He says, walking away.

I could not focus. I was horny as hell for whatever reason. I wanted that dick. I got off the phone and walked towards his bedroom.

“Where are you going?” I asked, standing in the doorway.

“Out.” He said, throwing a shirt on.

“Where is “out”?”

“Somewhere nigga.” He said, looking at me dead in my eyes as he walked past me.

Oh hell naw! Is he about to go give that dick to some other bottom? MY good ass “slap your own mama!” dick to some BGC bottom? All I could see was red.

“Oh naw!” I yelled, pulling out my boldest card and following him to the living room, “Where the hell you going nigga?”

“Yo, don’t yell at me like that.” He stopped in his tracks and got his keys.

“I can do what the fuck what I want!” I said, standing behind him, “see, you just a little nigga! You can’t even talk about this shit. You just about to get up and leave. You talking all this shit about me and you about to go and fuck some other nigga!”

“What?” He said, looking at me in the “what the fuck are you talking about?” look.

“You heard me.”

“Nigga, you trippin’.” He said, walking towards the door.

“Naw, you aren’t going no where.” I said, grabbing his arm.

“Nigga get off me!” He yelled, pulling his arm away.

“No!” I said, grabbing him with two hands.

Now this nigga could reach back and slap the dog shit out of me but I didn’t care. I was determined to have him stay with me at this mothafuckin’ apartment.

“Nigga!” he said, grabbing me up by both my arms and throwing me against the front door, “I said don’t be grabbing on me!”

Beside my back hurting and his hands squeezing the shit out of me, I looked at him dead in his eyes. We looked at each other and I noticed his eyes softened from the rage they were in. Suddenly, he kissed me. It was on. He kissed me hard and slammed me harder against the door.

“Why the fuck you got to do this shit to me? Huh?”

“Shit.” I moaned, pushing him off me.

“Oh hell naw!” he said, pressing himself against me and sucking on my neck.

He was so fucking passionate that it was sending my hormones into a “fuck me hard” overdrive. I could feel his hard dick poking me from beneath his jeans.

“I fucking hate your ass nigga.” He said, biting on my neck.

“Fuck you.” I said, crossing my arms, “You can’t do shit about it. You leaving.”

He looked at me. He rushingly went to his room, coming back out with some lube and golden wrapper. He strutted back in and suddenly turned me around. He said nothing but pulled my sweats and draws down. He pulled his jeans and underwear down and got what he needed on and lubed up. He pressed himself on me and started finger fucking the shit of me.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled out because this aggressive finger smashing was turning me on. Hurting me a little but, pain is love.

He took his dick and rubbed it up against my pulsating hole. He started to push it in and I pushed away.

“Oh no nigga. You had all that mouth earlier. Take this Daddy dick.”

He forcefully grabbed me by my hips and pushed me back towards his dick. He pushed the head in and leaned himself back as he guided his dick inside. I bit my lip and clawed at the door.

“Wait baby.” I said, feeling all this pressure up in my tunnel, a feeling I never felt before.

“Fuck that.”

He started grinding his hips so he could get all the way in. I know he was about to fuck the shit out of me. He didn’t waste no time either. He started thrusting in and out with subtle aggression. He was determined to make me regret the argument we had earlier.

“You gonna keep talking shit?” He yelled, grabbing my shoulders and thrusting his hips inside me deeper.

“Yes!” I moaned out, feeling Mr. Snake slithering all up and through my stomach.

“What nigga?!”

That’s when he proceeded to use his dick as a weapon and kill my ass into a slow death. He has never fucked me this hard before. A side of me wanted him to stop but another side was like McDonalds, I was lovin’ it. He took his hands to bend me over a little and lifted my left leg upward.

“You ever going to give this shit away?” He asked, giving me slow hard pounds.

“No! Are you?” I asked.

“Naw. This is your dick.”

“I don’t believe it.”

Why did I say that shit?

He squeezed his hands into my hips and started beating my shit up. He did a swift smack on my ass. I was done being a solider. My baby was the leader and I was going to let him take control of my booty.

“What’s that? I didn’t hear you?”

“No nigga! Shit!” I screamed.

He continued to fuck me stupid with a few hard spanks on my sore ass. I learned my lesson.

“Damn baby, I’m cumming!” He moaned out.

He slid his dick out of me and pushed me on the floor by my shoulders. He slipped the condom off and proceeded to jack his hard dick in my face.

“Oh shit baby! Take this nut!”

I closed my eyes and my baby started to squirt our kids all on my glowing face. Heaven. I never had it that rough or passionate before. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He was smiling and I sucked the rest of the nut out of his semi hard dick.

He stayed at home the rest of the night.

Wriiten by the one, Jamari Fox.

May 20, 2009 @ 18:52

Author: jamari fox

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  1. Wow you have some serious pen and paper skills, it was so vivid that it’s almost as if I was there!! You should write more sexual shorts like this =)

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