John Wall Goes From “The Dougie” To “The TerRio”

WallRaji2baller wolf,
john wall,
has been known to get his x dance on.
well when terrio,
made famous from x vine and x vine here,
john wall couldn’t resist on his instagram

john is so cute.
i did like when john battled breezy wolf to a dougie contest tho:

clearly we know who won that one.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “John Wall Goes From “The Dougie” To “The TerRio””

  1. He is so adorable. Am I wrong, but aren’t most of the dances that has come out in the last few years have been very fem in nature. I don’t see many masculine dances, most of these men dance like ladies now..hmmm

  2. It’s a different world from where you come from…its crazy how young men dancing feminine is so main stream now..years ago men especially black men wouldn’t be caught dead dancing like that.

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