TerRio Gets Bigger!

BfFx4k0CAAAS7XBan f-bi just sent me this latest picture of terrio.
he was the special guest at ( x seahawks training facility ) today.
wtf are they feeding this child?
whale blubber?
i can’t.
look at this one…
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TerRio Takes A Bath

Ba2_Y9_IcAAn7xDya know whats crazy?
i was JUST talkin about terrio last night.
all this time i thought he was some 45 year old midget.
i did not know that boy was like 6 or 7.
now i love me some terrio,
and i’ve used “ooooooooh! killem!” a few times,
but this here (hence the picture)…
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John Wall Goes From “The Dougie” To “The TerRio”

WallRaji2baller wolf,
john wall,
has been known to get his x dance on.
well when terrio,
made famous from x vine and x vine here,
john wall couldn’t resist on his instagram

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