TerRio Gets Bigger!

BfFx4k0CAAAS7XBan f-bi just sent me this latest picture of terrio.
he was the special guest at ( x seahawks training facility ) today.
wtf are they feeding this child?
whale blubber?
i can’t.
look at this one…

are they purposely trying to make him fatter for his brand????

lowkey: he get it from his mama:


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Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “TerRio Gets Bigger!”

  1. JUH!… MAR!… REE!…

    I actually gasped loudly when I saw his picture.Enough with the exploitation of this little boy by his family or whomever is exploiting him for money and laughter.His health is on the line.

    I feel bad for laughing when I saw his mom but it explains a lot.She eating just as good as him.Especially now that he’s making money.Clearly she wasn’t missing meals before though.

    LOL at his comment about being thick but not fat.Reminds me of Cartman from South Park.That little boy could not have been the one to type that comment.The dude that says “Oooh kill em” probably did.

  2. I’m not trying to be mean but I just found out that child is like 6 or 7 year old. There’s no one in his camp that thinks maybe this isn’t healthy. Then look at his skin on his arms and hands that’s not normal, they really need to put him in school and somebodies gym and dermatologists office.

    1. No, his skin is being stretch to the limits. Overweight people have to constantly moisturize their skin in order the skin to expand otherwise they get those rash looking patch. But this breaks my heart and I hate the fact that he believe he’s a thick boy because fat doesn’t equal thick.

  3. With that red hair, the mother looks like a fat Bozo the Clown or Ronald McDonald. As far as the child goes, where is Child Protective Services when you need them?

  4. Why is this grossly overweight child even being discussed on this wonderful site? Call Child Protection Services, and have the parents(sic) arrested for cruelty to a child.

    With so many millions of children throughout the world starving to death for lack of food and proper drinking water to see something as gross and disgusting as this very ugly fat child being hauled around makes me mad!

  5. I don’t care what no one says, this shit is foul. Lord forgive me for this, but something needs to happen to him health wise for his family to get the message. He needs to be in school too.

  6. It’s ashame how they are exploiting this child. He became famous by dancing funny? His 15 minutes are long over due. He should be in school like now.

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