How To Get Suspended Because You Want To Work (NY Edition)

New-York-City-Tumblr-Quotes….yeah its called “not trying to get fired from your job”.
oops too late.
well this story just pissed me off with all the recent bs i’m already going through.
this person was suspended because,
and get this,
he was working too hard…

City employees are routinely disciplined for slacking off — but one worker was brought up on insubordination charges and suspended for working too hard!

Viktor Berlyavsky, a Department of Environmental Protection project manager, says his seven-hour workday was hardly enough time to meet his supervisor’s deadlines and he never dreamed that working late would be considered “‘misconduct.”

But on six days between March and May of last year, Berlyavsky stayed beyond his shift — ignoring orders from his boss to leave the workplace at closing time.

Berlyavsky never put in for overtime or comp time. He says he needed to work longer to finish his assignments and to complete some union-related tasks.

Even so, officials brought him up on insubordination charges and sought an astonishing 74-day suspension as punishment.

An administrative-law judge pointed out that no one else at DEP had ever faced such bizarre charges, but he still ruled that Berlyavsky disobeyed direct orders. So he recommended suspension — for a single day.

“The facts found here show that respondent was insubordinate in twice disobeying an order to leave work after seven hours,” Judge John Spooner said in his decision. “At the same time, the facts show several additional mitigating circumstances, all of which must be weighed in determining a penalty.”

Spooner, in his decision, said there was no evidence that the leave-on-time directive “served any specific agency policy.” He called the misconduct “minor” in nature and said “only a minimal penalty is warranted.”

Still, Berlyavsky — who has worked for the agency 12 years but is a non-managerial worker, earning about $59,000 in 2012 — called the directive “humiliating and unfair.” Co-workers of his who have managerial titles have frequently worked longer than seven hours in order to complete their duties.

in0Hggkx6KHhyuh uh.
same way i was let go because i was a “good worker”.
i busted my ass for 5 years only to be fired and replaced by a relative.
had people crying for me because they even didn’t understand it.
yeah, no.
they were gunning for that man.
point blank and simple,
that’s how they do in new york.
its called “at will”.
just bat your eyelash wrong and you’re fired with no explanation.
they will create any little excuse when they don’t like you to get you out.
then they put you in hell of trying to find another job.
fuck outta here with this bullshit man.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Suspended Because You Want To Work (NY Edition)”

  1. My cousin had a supervisor that always picked with her.She never knew why but the lady seemed to have a personal vendetta against her.My cousin isn’t even the talking type.She doesn’t cuss people out nor does she have an attitude for no reason.Eventually this lady fired her.We still don’t know what her problem was but on that day she was let go my cousin cussed that lady out.My cousin was the type of person you have to picking with to get a reaction out of her.It eventually builds up and builds up until she explodes.

    We find out weeks later that her former supervisor was moved to a different shift where they wouldn’t even being seeing each other had she not fired her.Luckily my cousin found another job, even though it was a down-grade to what she was being paid before.

    Douche-bags make shit difficult when it doesn’t have to be.

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