Jim Jones Out Here Trying To Show His Harlem Snack Cakes


…oh sorry,
jimmy is at the bottom….
well, i hope not…

if he is not dressed like “harlem” in this picture lol.
harlem aka the “d/l secret soceity known as“.

but, i always had a little thing for big jimmy.
sorry chrissy, ya man’s upper body and cakes are always sitting up right.
ya know, i may have to tune into this show after all.

they are going IN about jim jones ass right now.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Jim Jones Out Here Trying To Show His Harlem Snack Cakes”

  1. Saw the pic earlier and people were on the ass which plump n nice but that’s the first thing I noticed. Dude in the red hat look like he breathing heavy and everything. #Cakematized.

  2. I’m not feeling the pink shirt at all, but I am most definitely loving that ass. See this is why I stay on the fence sometimes when it comes to saggin. It coll when guys do it when they are walking around the house, but when it’s done in public it’s a no go for me. Jim could still get it tho cuz he’s fine.

  3. Call me a prude, but I think this is kind of obscene and desperate. When I see teens & niggas in their early 20s doin this, I want to give them my belt. But Jim Jones is in his mid 30s, he too old for that. As a 29 year old man, what I find much more attractive is a dude with a fat ass, but in well fitted jeans, sweats, gym shorts, or tailored business pants. Or a Korean wrestler in a tight singlet.

  4. Love Jimmy, reason why I tuned in to love and hip hop every week….somethin about his swag is sexy….plus, he keep that body right.

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