J. Strokes Fat Ass is Simply Now A Fat Ass.

Foxes and Wolves,
you know how much I lust love J. Strokes.
I just love his nice fat mean… cakes.
He puts O-Cakey to shame with all that rump.
But there 2 things wrong with the J. Strokes of today…

Oh how I miss the one from yesterday.

First off, J. Strokes has gotten fat.
The muthafucka is a baby beluga now.
It is like the fat from his ass transferred into his stomach.
Remember when he use to look like this:


He went from:
kinda thick
good “fill out ya clothes” thick
pudgy “get in mah belly” thick…
… and now all around size 45 waist.

Second thing…
I was a little saddened to find out @Strokka on Twitter was not him.
He use to answer my tweets like I was an ol friend.
Pissed I was to find out it was all lies.

Here he is addressing it:


…. but then I came across this:


Apparently this was before the weight gain.
For those who don’t know,
Strokes is a pole dancer in his off season.
Muthafucka is a skrippa.
That dancing did not arouse me in any way.
It looked like someone’s drunk uncle at the family reunion.
Or, some wanna be at the club who takes up the whole dance floor to do music video choreography.
Maybe even, some gay kat in the only straight club.
EITHER WAY, it made me spit out my sammich and shake my head.

I think I’m losing my crush ya’ll!!

Listen to me…

To get back on your Foxes good graces,
put down those Number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9’s at Mickey Dees
and pick up some weights and get to toning down that blubber.
There is a major difference between THICK and FAT.
Look it up.
The J. Strokes I fell in lust love with was a phat caked, yung dicked, pussy slayer.
Please do not ruin my fantasy looking like a black Danny Devito.
Also, no more dying your hair random colors like blonde and honey.
Oh… and the cornrows gotta go.

This can alllllllllllll be worked on.

CJ Wright should be your body inspiration.
Justin Slayer got some mega Buffy The Body cakes and is still toned.
No one wants to see the fat boy laying a bear claw in the pussy.




Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “J. Strokes Fat Ass is Simply Now A Fat Ass.”

  1. J.slayer is the gold standard. But J. Strokes is still fuckable in my eyes as is Rico Strong who also goes up. & down scalewise. I’ll suck their dicks and eat both their asses with no hesitation or apologies.

    1. j slayer is the PLATINUM standard.
      that muthafucka is the epitome of “good fuckin rip ya hair our penis”.
      he got that kind of dick that if he calls you to tell you cum home…
      … by the time you got to the front door,
      you are already in your drawz.

      he has got to be the best porno star EVER.

  2. No argument there. Slayer rocks. No one even dims close. full package that one. Ass, dick and body

  3. This. Was. Hilarious!!!!! I wish I had a word for how much I agree with you! J Strokes used to be a favorite of mine, but he let himself go… I’m rooting for his comeback!


    1. thanks nay.
      he looks like orko from he-man now.
      his shape is wild disrespectful from what it use to be.

      checked your blog out and i already loved the first few entries.
      on my blogroll you go.

  4. I know this is an extremely old post, but I just happened to run across it.

    J. Strokes’ ass looks exactly the same, still plump. The only thing he has now is a lil gut, which is doable. His booty still sticks out the same.

    He carries the weight well imo if you’ve seen his latest scenes.

  5. Dont worry J Strokes will loose the lil stomach he got, cuz stay on his head about it all the time and he been working on it 😀

  6. Naw I think it would be impossible 4 him 2 lose all dat ass, ass almost bigger then mines (he goin to kill me 4 that 1 ) lol

    1. ^tell him his biggest selling point is his ass.
      When he gained weight,
      It kind of fucked with his brand.
      He needs to keep on fuxking some pretty hoes, keep his body rite, and never loose that ass.
      Men AND women like him for that rump so I suggest he never loses it!

      Tell him to change up those positions a lil because when I see one J Strokes flick,
      It’s like I seen em all.

      And a shout out to his Foxes on my site would be nice 😉

  7. Gotcha, I told him….N he has other positions I guess their just not 4 movies, being that u gotta see every10 in the movies

      1. I kno, I luv that scene 2….But real soon, we’ll be seein an improve J Strokes he’s been workin @ it like erday

  8. You faggots will call anything with a little weight on it fat *rolls eyes* Acting like the nigga is Jonah Hill size.

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