is nicki minaj alright? (this rolling loud set was very…)

before i start on nicki minaj,
i have to font that:

I really like her new song,
Red Ruby Da Sleeze.

the fact she used one of my favorite beats/song from summer’s past:

this brings back so many good memories.
i didn’t even know rolling loud was this weekend.
i saw no hype for it on my timeline tbh.
i saw some videos from nicki’s set and…

my issue is:

Why is Nicki so out of breath?
Where is the showmanship?
Where is the “IM BACK HOES!”?

this looks like a high school talent show performance.
did they not rehearse any of this?

did she not wear her performance outfit before she hit the stage?w
why is she acting like she is hearing her music for the first time?

what is wayne even up there for:

i’m not gonna be like those that kiss her ass.
she has enough of that but:

Nicki has to go to the gym and start working on how she shows up.

you can’t beef with folks and not bring your A-game on stage.

lowkey: why does this feel like karma?
she is going out the same way she talked about others going out.
this is all so bizarre to me.

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8 thoughts on “is nicki minaj alright? (this rolling loud set was very…)”

  1. Nicki I’d comfortable because she knows whatever she does her fanbase will accept it and love it. I just feel at this point she’s about to become a full-time mogul. I like the song too it gave me summer vibes but I just feel like Nicki isn’t hungry for it like she used to be. She knows regardless her fans will shoot her singles up to number one and call her the Queen, etc. I love Nicki but ever since the Queen era she’s giving lazy bars, lazy performances, just mediocrity. She has and can do better. Now watch somebody attack my comment lol

      1. i’m gonna font something and its not coming from a malicious place at all.

        if megan thee stallion did this,
        her head would be on a spike.
        if cardi did this,
        her head would be on a spike too.
        if latto,
        city guhls,
        or glorilla did this,
        heads ontop of heads.

        its okay to like nicki and say that was absolutely terrible.
        two things can be true at the same time.
        regardless of mic issues or whatever was going on,
        it wasn’t her best or memorable appearance and thats okay.
        she has plenty of other performances in the future to pull it together.
        this one was horrible.

    1. I agree and haven’t seen any growth since that era! Personally I think she should have a long sit down, otherwise it’s pretty much a wrap for her time. She has an excellent run though.

  2. Why is this her karma? When Nicki came out there were no female rappers on the charts and the females before her still ain’t on the charts! She is still at the top of the charts 15 years later and at 40 years old! Sis is having fun!

  3. The music was offbeat so they asked the dj to get it right . She wasn’t on the card as a performer, Wayne brought her out during his set . It’s no other female artists seeing her and the old ones who could can’t anymore . She is the full package . Talent image and work ethic…

    Bad karma would be her not being successful . She still winning . -shrug-

  4. Speaking on the technical side. When any artist is on the bill, they have to do a sound check and let them know which track they want to perform. When playing music for the first time, it is not alway guaranteed to go right. If she was not on the bill, she didn’t do a sound check to get her earpiece synced with the tracks so it will be off beat when you hear it. That was a LIVE show so to see that LIVE you think she is being demanding and she is not. I’m not going to comment on Kim and Nicki and the comparison unless you start from Ms. Melodie, Trina and all the other artists because they all have similar styles but the constant norm is to compare Kim against Nicki. Rolling Loud should have been prepared for the unexpected. When you book Wayne, make sure you got Nicki catalog ready in case she shows up and ready to perform. You can’t embarrass an artist and not expect backlash from that artist. A DJ who is not ready to play any artist catalog on a stage like that can lose a lot of business. That was a lot of technical issues that should have been prepared way in advanced before the show started. When you on stage, you can’t hear the music because the speakers are pointing towards the crowd so what they hear is completely different than what you hear so your earpiece has to be synced and you can tell she was hearing the sound off beat. That’s not forgetting your lyrics its trying to sync your lyrics with the sound that’s playing and when your lyric comes before or after what is played, you stop and try to catch up and that’s what she was doing. Some artists travel with their own earpiece and mic for sanitary issues. That doesn’t mean the venue they are playing for is ready to go with their equipment if they haven’t had time to sync it with the current system they are working with. That’s all I would say about that, the fashion and lyrics, y’all can have that. This was definitely on Rolling Loud for not being prepared. You can’t have a artist pop up and nothing is ready for them to perform. With no music, now the artist is on stage with a bunch of people looking at them like ok so what you gon do now? Beyonce had issues and she was on stage saying, “somebody bout to get fired”, Michael Jackson did it, even Patti Labelle did it signing “This Christmas”. She was on stage telling them, “that’s the wrong que card”, “where my backup singers”, “move the next card”, “I don’t have the words”.

  5. I find it interesting how Nicki’s hard core fans makes excuses for her. Her performance as well as her records for years have been lackluster and corny. A real artist comes prepared, she could have just performed the song acapella. The real reason is she does not write her records alone, she gets help, just like most every other rap artist. Her fans are delusional at best. Lastly, no need to throw Kim in there when you are making points, Kim brings the energy and is a good performer every time she performs. Don’t blame it on the DJ, when you are out of shape and gasping for air. She wasn’t and isn’t prepared….point blank.

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